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Amazing events and festivals around the world which will leave you awestruck

Lantern Festival of China

We all like to be part of some events and social gatherings from time to time. There are several different types of events and festivals which are celebrated across the globe of which though you cannot be a part of still you must have heard about it or read about it somewhere. You will be surprised to know that there are some events which are truly mind-boggling and of which you have probably never heard of.

  1. Christmas with a twist

Image Source : Files.Stv.Tv

The mere mention of Christmas means having fun and enjoying the festive season. There are two events which celebrate Christmas with a twist. One is the Krampusnacht in Klagenfurt which is a crazy Austrian way of spreading terror while the second one if held in Scotland and is known as The Aberdeen Santa Run.

The Krampusnacht festival involves people dressing up as demon Krampusnacht during Christmas, who are considered as the one who punishes the spoilt kids while Santa bestows loads of love on the good ones. Klagenfurt in Austria celebrates Krampusnacht in a huge way. On the feast of Santa Claus, one can find a number of demons also hovering around.

In Scotland, a number of people of all age groups dress up as Santa and run on the streets. The main intention of this festival is to raise money for charity for the needy children. The festival sees a number of star marathon runners participate.

  1. The animal fest

Image Source : Easyanimal.Co.Uk

If you are the one who has a strong liking for animals and other living creatures, then there are two events that will surely draw your interest. One is the Golden Retriever Festival in Scotland. As the name suggests, it involves a gathering of lovely canine the Golden Retriever. The festival started in the year 2006. It is held every year by The Golden Retriever Club and involves a number of lovely dogs gathering and participating from across the globe.

The other festival which actually gives you a chance to dress up like a creature from fairy tales is the Merfest which is held at Triangle Aquatic Centre in Cary in North Carolina. The festival gives the participants a chance to dress up as mermaids or merman and it basically aims at teaching the participants mermaiding for a cause like entertaining and photography.

  1. The festival where lanterns float

Image Source : Wpengine.Netdna-Ssl.Com

This lantern floating festival is held on the Hawaii Memorial Day. It is held at Ala Moana Beach. This ShinnyoEn Lantern festival is headed by the head of Shinnyo-en Buddhist order and it sees several thousands of people participating. The floating lanterns are a mark of tribute by the people to the loved ones that they have lost. It also has traditional Japanese and Hawaiian music and dance performances. The ceremony is for about 1.5 to 2 hours and is one of its kinds and is actually a visual treat which touches the heart.

  1. Fight it out for wine

Image Source : Sidsnet.Org

Want to get absolutely drenched in wine then you must attend the Haro wine festival. It is held in the La Rioja region of Spain and it actually involves people using the red wine as a weapon of for throwing on each other.

Several people of all age groups dressed in white dress and a red scarf participate with their ammunition in the form of jugs of wine, buckets of wine etc. First, a religious mass is held followed by the great wine fight. It truly is an amazing event.

These are some of the crazy yet amazing events that take place in different parts of the world. They may sound too good to be true but the fact is that they actually take place and you have to see it to believe it.

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