Beautiful and safe places to give air to your ballooning enthusiasm

Rising high in the sky and flying like a bird in the sky. Oh, what a feeling! Going on a ballooning expedition is awesome. The lovely view that one can get is simply amazing and one just cannot miss it. If your selection of the place for the ballooning expedition is right, you can be sure of taking home memories that will last forever. There are plenty of beautiful and safe places which you can consider for your ballooning expedition. Here are some such awesome places which you can consider.

  1. Flying in the Asian Skies

There are some lovely places in Asia which you can consider for your ballooning expedition. For example, Bagan in Myanmar is one of the best places. It is nice to see the lovely city from the top especially the pagodas of the 11th and the 13th century. Similarly, Jaipur in India gives you the excellent opportunity to see the lovely palaces and temples from the top.The Hawa Mahal Amber Fort,The City Palace look awesome. You can also see the lovely rural areas and temples.

  1. An expedition in the deserts

You can get an amazing experience exploring deserts from a hot air balloon. For example, you can go to Red Centre in Australia. This is an amazing red desert and there are rock formations. It is an outstanding experience to watch the kangaroos jump in glory.An expedition in the deserts of Al Alin near Dubai gives you a chance to watch to sand dunes,oasis,and at times even camels.

  1. Explore the US

It is fun to go on a hot air ballooning experience in the US. There are several reputed companies offering the services in the State of Arizona. You have the option of selecting balloons which have the capacity of carrying even 12 passengers. Also, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in the US gives an amazing experience to those who enjoy taking the hot air balloon rides. One can explore South America in this fiesta which is one of its kinds and several people participate in it every year.

  1. Have a blast exploring the North Pole

Quark expeditions help you explore the Pole in the hot air balloons. It is an absolute visual treat watching the polar bears and the Walrus. Also, the one gets a glimpse of the rare flora and fauna of the Arctic. It is truly an amazing experience to be on top of the axis of the world. Going to the North Pole itself is awesome and then exploring and seeing it from the top is truly a top of the world experience.

  1. The beauty of Kenya and Egypt

One can also opt for Kenya and Egypt for hot air balloon expeditions. If you want to get a wildlife treat from the sky, then you must go on a hot air ballooning expedition in Masai Mara in Kenya. You will get to see several wild animals in the open. Explore the beauty of Nile River in Egypt in a hot air balloon. You can see the monuments, pyramids and the lovely landscapes of Egypt. It is also one the best experiences to watch the rural areas of Egypt from the top and is truly a memorable experience.

Several places across the globe are famous for hot air balloon expeditions. It is an excellent way to explore the place and gives you an opportunity get a bird’s eye view of famous cities and places.

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