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Restaurant that go beyond taboos to offer food

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By the time, the taste and preferences of people are also changing. Some love traditional food and some love to try different cuisines. Every culture has different rules regarding food and drinks some religions and their values do not support the consumption of alcohol and meat. Some of them also banned in some countries and cities but some resorts still offer these food and cuisines to their guests.

Understanding Taboo food

These are the beverages, which people abstain from consuming because of their religious values and culture. It often includes consumption of animals, mammals, their some organs, and more. It may differ country to country and religion to religion. This can also be defined as rule about the choice and combination of foods that can harm our health. Some of them are banned due to the certain religious period and certain stages of life like pregnancy.

For example, Judaism and Islam have rules about what may and may not been eaten. According to the Islamic law, they divide food into Haram (forbidden) and halal (permitted). Jains follow vegetarianism and do not eat meat and other animal stuff. Hindus don’t eat cows, and some Hindus follow the concept of Ahimsa, which means non-violence. They do not want to harm any living being for their diet that is why they consider vegetarian diet as an ideal way to satisfy their hunger. Taboo foods include amphibians, reptiles, bats, bears, birds, camel, cats, and other cattle.

If you are one of them who love to try delicious food, especially taboo food then you must visit following places or restaurants for this.

La Oxaquena, San Francisco

It is one of the best restaurants in the country known for its dishes made from Grasshoppers. It is a perfect place for taboo food lovers and people who love to see grasshoppers in their plate. You can enjoy Jumbo Grasshopper Tacos and other delicious dished in the restaurant without breaking your bank accounts. You can have them there only, can also pack them, and can carry to your home.

Wurstkuche, Los Angeles

Rattlesnakes are one of the most poisonous snakes and nobody wants to catch them and even see them. But, what if they are served in your plate? Reptiles are known as taboo food but restaurants like Wurstkuche in Los Angeles offer sausages made from rattlesnakes, rabbits, and jalapeno.

Pattaya Thai Cuisine, Philadelphia

See an alligator in open can make you feel close to death. But, it is very common to see an alligator in your plate in Pattaya Thai Cuisine in Philadelphia. They offer stir-fried alligator meat and curry dishes to their guests.

Swedish Bear meat restaurants

You can try bear meat and different dishes in various Swedish restaurants. Tyrol at Grona Lund offer meatballs and different reindeer dishes. It is a perfect place to enjoy your Christmas party. Apart from this, they also offer vegan food and other things to their guests. The Christmas table Buffet has more than 25 different types of meats and pates. This includes bear, boar, deer sausage, smoked reindeer heart, and beaver steak.

Cat meat in China

Cat meat is the least expensive meat and it is commonly served in many restaurants. People love to eat something different and delicious and cat meat is used to prepare some of the delicious dishes in the country.

Sushi Zen, Japan

Fugu fish is most notorious dish in the world as it is so delicious but poisonous too, which can kill you. Sushi Zen restaurant located in Japan offer fugu dishes for their guests.


People love to try something different and delicious. This is the main reason behind the popularity of taboo dishes and foods. Many restaurants in the world offer taboo foods to their guests.

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