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Top 5 Destinations to beat the winter blues of Northern High Latitudes

winter blues

When the northern Hemisphere sits tight wrapped in the rugs during the sub zero temperatures of the winter months, far down south you have a reverse climatic condition. It is warm out there with plenty of sunshine around. The warm waves wash over sunny sea beaches and bare bodied crowd soak up the smiling sun. They are enthusiastic about embarking on a range of adrenaline pumping activities including beach volleyball, yachting, wind surfing, para- sailing, snorkeling, swimming or simply getting a nice tan under the sun. Don’t you think this is the place you should be in this winter instead of getting frozen by the harsh snowfalls up north? South of the equator enjoys summer drawing in a large crowd of tourists from the north.

We illustrate top 5 countries in southern Hemisphere where tourists from the North would rush in to escape the severe winter:

Los Roques Archipelago National Park, Venezuela:

This group of rather obscure Islands in the Caribbean offers an unspoiled ambiance. The 546 acre nature reserve built back in 1972 shelters an amazing mix of flora and fauna blending together in a wonderful ecosystem. Gorgeous white sand beaches submerged at places under warm turquoise water is great to touch and certainly is a welcome departure from the gloomy freezing northern wintry nights. There is a plethora of wonders that would be simply fascinating, and this pleasantly warm paradise comes alive with sea turtles, seabirds and other marine life. Coral reefs and shallow lagoons are certainly added bonus. Discounts are offered on cheap flights to Los Roques. Last minute discount is in vogue particularly on yachting rates.

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina:

This is an awesomely beautiful lake district of Argentina having a couple of crystal blue lakes and meandering rivers amidst the background of emerald green forests, and further up in the west stands the majestic snow capped summits of the Andes range of mountains. The summer months are simply cut out for adventurous treks, forest camping, forest canopy zip lining, boating, kayaking, scuba diving, canoeing, horse riding, white water rafting, paragliding and a host of other exciting summer activities. This place is famous for local chocolates and caramel sauce.

Needless to say, when you are in Argentina you should never miss the passionate tango and the frenzied soccer. Discounts are available for bulk accommodation booking and on cheap summer flights.

Ilha Grande, Angra Dos Reis, Brazil:

This summer paradise consists of a group of Islands with calm coves and pristine beaches. Lopes Mendez beach is considered as one of the finest beaches in the world with enough sunshine and emerald sea to make yourself relaxed. Posadas and hostels abound the city are available at different price ranges and a little bargaining is in vogue. Adventure freaks from the freezing cold north can look for thrills on sailing trips on pirate themed schooners, besides there is ample opportunity for fishing, kayaking, camping and mountain biking. You may look for summer discounts on all these daring activities on hire.

The Residence Resort and Spa at Phuket’s Bang Tao Beach:

This Thai Island of Phuket has turned into the most visited summer Asian beach in the recent times by the foreigners. This the longest beach in the country, pristine and blessed with a lot of sunshine to keep the beach lovers happy, warm and cozy when the entire northern Hemisphere shivers in grips of a treacherous winter. Dotted with luxurious villas, this Thai beach offers a range of mouth-watering and tangy Thai cuisine. Discounts are available on bulk consumption of goods and services and on flight fares.

Maalaea Yacht Marina in Maui, Hawaii:

This Polynesian Island is just the right place to be in during the assault of the cold December waves hitting the countries far up north. This is essentially where the sun, surf and sand rules as the tourists watch the locals displaying elegant Polynesian folk dances where color and life are the key elements. There is an ample opportunity for yachting and a number of other water sports. One unique climatic feature of Hawaii is it is summer all the year round, and the beaches seem endless as the coastline runs into miles, and yet you will find there is practically no end to the stretch of the beaches. You will possibly get discounts on yacht and hotel room rentals.

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