6 of the Funniest and Craziest Festivals around the world that definitely need a visit

Cascamorras Spain

With the festival season in full swing, a lot of us will have already started planning out where we want to go this year. No doubt that all festivals are fun and exciting. However, there are some festivals that take the fun and craze factors to whole new levels altogether. Here is a list of6 such festivals from around the world that definitely need a visit for those who crave fun and excitement.

Cascamorras, Spain

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Celebrated in Granada, Spain, the Cascamorras festival is as funny as its name. It is celebrated to commemorate an incident that took place over 500 years ago and resulted in the theft of a very famous statue. During the festival, locals and tourists alike need to cover themselves in grease and join in the enactment of the same scene. A huge party ensues afterwards where people slip and slither their way through crowds, all the while partying hard till they are exhausted.

Chinese New Year, China

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One would have to take a cue from the Chinese when it comes to celebrating an important occasion like the arrival of the New Year. The Chinese New Year is celebrated with great pomp and splendor every year. The festival takes place during the spring season and literally resembles a giant carnival on the streets, complete with fireworks, lanterns, neon lights, flowers, music and dancing dragons, etc.

Running of the Bulls, Spain

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This is considered one of the craziest festivals in the world, considering the fact that those who are taking part in it are deemed adventurous or plain looney. Held in Pamplona every July, the festival features a number of bulls that are let loose to run around on the streets of Pamplona. However, the craziest part is where the people taking part in the festival try to get in the way of these bulls and try outrunning them (rather running for their lives). While injuries are common, the pure adrenaline generated by the stampede and crowds is more than enough to lure people from around the world to Pamplona every year.

Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake, England

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Celebrated in the region of Gloucester in England, the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake festival draws millions of visitors every year. The festival is celebrated on the Cooper hill and features a giant double Gloucester cheese that is rolled down the steep hill. The individuals taking part in the festival need to race down the hill, attempting to catch the cheese before anyone else does. How hard can that be you ask? Well, try answering this question after you witness the cheese rolling down the hill at nearly 100kmph, and many people rolling down after it as well.

Baby Jumping Festival, Spain

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Spain is home to more than one crazy festival. And one of the crazier ones happens to be the Baby Jumping Festival which is held in El Salto del Colacho every year. Translating to the ‘Devil’s Jump’, the event features men dressed like the Devil (called Colacho) leap over new born babies. The babies are made to lie down on mattresses placed on the street and the men come racing down the street, leaping over the babies as they pass them. Apparently, this is said to free the babies from sins, illnesses or evil spirits.

Holi, India

Every year during the full moon day of Phagun in the Hindu calendar, the whole of India erupts in a frenzy of colors. Held to celebrate the beginning of Spring, Holi is also called as the ‘Festival of Colors’ and is a traditional Hindu festival that features a whole lot of colors. It is the perfect time to get messy and dirty as various colors (both in powder and liquid forms) are thrown at everybody on the streets. The celebration is made all the more special with drums, music and parties.

There are plenty of festivals celebrated around the world on a regular basis. However, when it comes to being fun, exciting and somewhat crazy, only some festivals manage to make the cut. These are the festivals that remain in our hearts for their fun factor and ultimate craziness.

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