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Best travel destinations to celebrate Christmas

Roman Colosseum at night with Christmas tree

Do you love the bright lights, fancy costumes, cocktails, cool shopping places, and most importantly the season of winter?–then, why not plan for your Christmas holidays in advance! Yes, all these things happen for you in a magical way when it is Christmas time and if you are a regular traveler, you would surely be looking for some excellent locations where you could spend a great trip. When the trip is around Christmas time, it definitely would be a bonanza for you. So, check out some amazing places where a holiday would be more than wonderful during Christmas.

1.     New York City, USA

If you never get tired of fun activities and wish to be in Christmas wonderland, then plan for a visit to New York City around the end of the year. The festive period goes really bright at this destination and innumerable sparkling lights make the place a dream world for just anybody. You would see gigantic lit-up Christmas tress all around, especially at the Rockefeller Center where ice skaters make it more fun. You can also easily find great stay packages at hotels around this time. Shopping stores would also be easier on your pocket. There are several places worth visiting during Christmas, such as the Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Skating Rink, Grand Central Terminal, etc. You may also go for festive shopping at Fifth Avenue and take a memorable carriage ride that goes through Central Park.

2.     Santa Claus Village, Finland

It’s all in the name and that’s true for this village where you could get actual sights of an elf or reindeer during Christmas. A lot of tourists visit several attractions of Finland during the winter season. You would not be able to give a better present to your spouse or children by bringing them to this Santa land. What you cannot miss at all are the Santa Claus Village and Santa Park, which are both theme parks designed for Christmas.

3.     Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you love canal houses, luxurious hotels, great fine dining restaurants and ballet shows, you would find it all in Amsterdam during the Christmas season. There happens an annual ‘Winterparade’ event in Amsterdam in which Christmas-themed music, film, dance and theater performances and activities take place. The nearby restaurants and bars would not let you stop eating and drinking, and making merry during the Christmas season. If you are lucky to see the canals frozen, you may also go for skating here. It is believed that Santa Claus was born in Netherlands–then, how can you expect the nature’s gifts not being showered on these grounds!

4.     Goa, India

This southern Indian state hosts a special feast during Christmas, called the Feast of the Three Kings. This is because three boys are dressed up like kings and white horses carry them to the church where the feast takes place. There is not only this feast to enjoy, but also a variety of fun activities like go carting, water sports, bird watching, special movie screenings, discotheques, etc. You could visit beautiful waterways and orchards or go to witness its unique wildlife. The fun at Goa’s breathtaking beaches never ends when it’s Christmas.

5.     The Bahamas

Get an awesome experience of the carnival if you are in the Bahamas during Christmas season. Lots of family fun activities take place, such as Christmas music, feasts, masquerades, gift giving, etc. Santa distributes an exciting variety of gifts to kids and locals usually gift cakes and goodies to their relatives. A special feature of Christmas in the Bahamas is its food. You would get to taste things like mauby, sorrel, sweet potato fly, ginger beer, wines, rum, falernum, shandy, and what not! In the evening, singers come out in the public and sing carols. ‘Junkanoo Parades’ is another special feature of Christmas at this destination. There are rhythmic sounds of drums, cowbells or whistles played, and participants specially dressed up for this dance on these sounds.

6.     Rome, Italy

Roman Colosseum at night with Christmas tree

This is the place where Jesus Christ was born and the Christmas celebration actually originated. It has a historical importance when it comes to Christmas-related activities. During the Christmas season, Roman Baroque Square gets completely transformed into a large Christmas shopping place. You may find stalls where decorations, toys, sweets, gifts, trinkets, nativity figures and almost all Christmas goodies get available. There is a big merry-go-round where you may take your children. The night of Christmas features a huge nativity scene at the square where Father Christmas specially appears for kids.

7.     San Juan, Puerto Rico

This destination would give you a contrasting sunny view of Christmas where you would not have to put on a winter blanket and just sleep.  There are Christmas exclusive feasts that you may munch on. There are well-decorated markets and squares to do some great Christmas shopping from. Before the Midnight Mass, a wonderful Christmas feast is organized. So, make a pick of this destination if you are dreadful of a cold Christmas night.

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