Best places to visit if you believe in aliens

Would you want to take your kids to a special place this season on a holiday? How would you like the idea of taking them to some sites where they could get some extraterrestrial fun? Yes, some places that are home to aliens and locals celebrate their appearance through special monuments and annual festivals. Visiting such places does not mean that you believe in aliens, but it is just for some good fun that these locales provide you and your family. So, do you want to know where all you can enjoy being a part of extraterrestrials? Well, check out here about some such interesting destinations.


Roswell, New Mexico, USA

In the year 1947, a strange object fell on the grounds of Roswell and since then it has been believed to be a proof of aliens. Even though there was a press release by the U.S. government that this object was a weather balloon, people swore it to be an extraterrestrial spacecraft that carried small green men inside it. Since then, this incident has contributed a lot to this place’s tourism as its anniversaries have been celebrated in the form of UFO festivals. If you too plan to visit this place, ensure to go to the International UFO Museum and Research Center that celebrates aliens in a great way.


The Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada, USA

Highway 375 (The Extraterrestrial Highway) in Nevada is a must to visit for any enthusiastic visitors who is fond of aliens. So if your children or you are crazy about extraterrestrials, visit this highway at Nevada State Route 318 that runs from Warm Springs to Crystal Springs. This place is famous for its Area 51, which has some interesting stories about alien government associated with it. This area cannot be visited as you would be warned by a sign at the Groom Lake location that says: “Deadly Force is Authorized,” and you know what that means! So, keep moving ahead from Crustal Springs to reach a tiny town called Rachel, having a population somehow close to 100. A restaurant here would serve you nice ‘Alien Burgers.’ You may also purchase UFO souvenirs to carry them as a token of your extraterrestrial visit.


St. Paul, Alberta, Canada

If you wish to land on a UFO landing pad for extraterrestrials, come to St. Paul where you would find one of 130 ton. This landing pad features a Canadian map built of stones that are provided by each of the Canadian provinces. Above the pad, there are provincial flags flying high. Next to this landing pad is an information booth for UFO tourists. Here, you may get to see the exhibited photos of strange flying crafts, a display of hoaxes, and the UFO Hotline that can be used to report alien sightings or encounters.


Avebury, England

This small village of Avebury has special eerie stone circles that are there for known reasons. People believe that these were created for aliens to navigate their way to the earth as has been done in the nearby area of Stonehenge. The major site has a 1,400-foot wide circular ditch and the largest of these circles originally had 98 stones.


The Falkirk Triangle, Scotland

If you want to meet locals, who have seen UFOs and hear their stories, come to this place where people report to witness around 300 UFO sightings every year. The tourist board has conducted a study according to which a UFO has been spotted by every one in 17,000 inhabitants of Scotland. A small town called Bonybridge, which is 30 miles away from Edinburgh, is the best bet as far as alien sightings are concerned.


Cerrado, Central Brazil

The grassland region of this place is believed to be a great zone for aliens to land at. There are several stories woven around this place that include a bus getting powerless after it encountered colored light beams surrounding it from all sides. In 1996, the town of Barra do Garças had dedicated a 12-acre land for building the first UFO airport called the Interspace Aerodrome.


Nazca City, Peru

Located about 290 miles away from Lima, this city has gigantic glyphs swirling across the Nazca desert. It has centuries old designs of animals and geometric shapes created on the earth by removing some chosen pebbles from the desert’s surface. The strange thing is that these glyphs are so big (some even stretching by six miles) that these can only be figured out when one is in the air. Thus, it is surprising when you think about the way these were planned to be created. The curiosity gets higher when you come to notice one of these images looking like an astronaut or alien waving goodbye. You can surely observe these glyphs clearly if you take a plane tour of this place offered by Magical Cuzco Tours as part of its travel packages.


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