Best places to travel to on a weak dollar

The weakening dollar has made it difficult for those opting for cheap, budget friendly holidays to foreign locales. A weaker dollar would mean low exchange rates and lower value for money in these locales. And that is something every traveler absolutely abhors.

All hope is not lost though! For there are still some nations around the world where the American dollar holds its value and is still strong enough to get you some really cool travel deals. Here we’ve listed some of those countries, which have been untouched with the recent financial turmoil across the globe!


  1. 1.      Mexico


The local currency of the country, Peso is still weak when compared to the dollar and you can get excellent travel deals and packages for at the most half the original price you would pay in other countries.


With plenty of family friendly amenities to attract families and countless numbers of pubs and clubs for partygoers, the country can offer you great deals starting with accommodation rates that can be as low as $200 per night for an adult in a star hotel. Most of the hotels also offer great discounts for children (up to 70 percent), with some even granting them free entry. Make sure you stop by Guerrero to buy silver jewelry for as low as $5 a piece.


  1. 2.      Eastern Europe


Stunning locales that resemble European nations but can be enjoyed for a lesser price. That’s why these non-euro nations offer you. From Prague to Croatia, these nations offer the best in terms of accommodation (rates can go down to as much as $191 including VAT for an overnight stay at the famed Imperial Hotel in Prague), excellent cuisine, famous tourist attractions (historical monuments, medieval villages, rolling meadows, stunning valleys and much more) and shopping (buy crystal bowls for as low as $40).


  1. 3.      Morocco


Easily reached by flights from Costa Del Sol in Spain, Morocco is one of those countries where the American dollar still stands strong and mighty, with one dollar being equivalent to 8 Moroccan Dihrams.


Filled with plenty of stunning locales, including beautiful beaches, seaside villages,cities filled with historical attraction, and a year round warm climate to boot, Morocco could be your next budget friendly travel destination this year

  1. 4.      Hong Kong


Welcome to one of the more US friendly cities on this side of the planet. Classy, cultured and extremely friendly on the pocket, the city is a hit with budget travelers who can’t get enough of its towering skylines, fascinating harbors, pulsating techno clubs and mouthwatering cuisine.


Accommodation rates can be as cheap as $200 for an overnight stay at the famed Le Meridian Cyberport and $140 for a luxurious valued added package at the Peninsula which comes complete with a complimentary breakfast for two in the morning.


  1. 5.      Thailand


Thailand is an awesome destination for avid travelers who just can’t seem to get enough of the countries pristine beaches, picturesque islands and lively nightlife. With the American Dollar going strong against the national currency, you can visit the islands of Phi and Phi and Phuket, swim with sharks, ride on elephants, opt for traditional Thai massages and dance away into the night at the popular Nana and Patpong nightclubs with plenty of money to spare.


  1. 6.      New Zealand

The land of adventures, New Zealand surprisingly, charges very less for travelers and tourists. With 1 New Zealand dollar still being equivalent to just 77 American cents, it doesn’t come as a surprise to note more tourists opting to visit this stunning South Pacific nation every year.

Stay in world class accommodations for as less as $68 a night (for a double bedroom), hike through rolling green hills, climb rigorous mountain peaks, kayak past massive glaciers, visit the countries numerous star studded tourist attractions, bite down into delectable cuisine choices, taste world class local wines and end up buying a precious greenstone necklace for just $15. Better yet, you can get your loved ones branded merinomink gloves made of possum fur for just $20. Cool bargain don’t you think?


  1. 7.      The Mediterranean Region

Known for its beautiful coastlines and pristine sandy beach islands, the Mediterranean region would surprisingly, not cost much to explore, provided you make the right choices when it comes to planning your holiday.

Cruises are the best ways to get the best out of your Mediterranean holiday. And opting for a prepaid one ensures that you don’t develop any snags in your budget en route. Furthermore, a prepaid Mediterranean cruise would help you explore both non-euro and euro based countries on one trip.

Choosing an appropriate cruise line is considered extremely important when it comes to getting more for the money you spend. One of the best options include the Roman Empire itinerary offered by Holland America that takes you through Rome, Greece, Turkey, Sicily and Croatia over a period of 10 days. The total cost of the holiday comes to somewhere around $1,400 per person. What’s more, the cruise line organizes regular ‘View and Verandah’ shows that would enable you to get free cabin upgrades. Finish your holiday with shopping at Greece where you can buy a ceramic jug called the Panathenaic amphora (modeled after the ancient Panathenaic games) for as less as $25 a piece.





Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team

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