Best places to celebrate the dawn of New Year

Though there is time ahead of you to plan for the next New Year celebration, it is still a good time to book yourself the best house seats. So, where would you wish to be when the clock strikes 12 at midnight after the last day of this year gets over? If you have not yet decided about a destination, but you are keen to plan for it to welcome the New Year, here are some excellent choices for you.

  1. 1.     Las Vegas

The party town offers you numerous reasons to witness the best-of-the-best celebrations to welcome the New Year. Hotels, bars and clubs get it all full to the maximum by hosting special shows. But when it is going to be midnight of the New Year, their doors are all closed giving you the choice to stay indoors or outdoors. You know which one to choose when you are on a visit to witness this huge event on the stretches of Las Vegas. The vehicle movement is stopped on the hosting stretches where people get to drink and mingle with others, along with watching the extravaganza of fireworks shot off from every corner and rooftop. There are great singing groups and celebrities that perform on the New Year eve. So, you can have a special kind of fun waiting if you are planning to choose Las Vegas as your destination for celebrating the coming New Year.


  1. 2.     Niagara Falls, Canada

One of the biggest outdoor parties happening on New Year is in the backdrop of Niagara Falls in Canada. Every year, more than 30,000 people to attend it at Queen Victoria Park. Usually a free concert extravaganza is organized and handled by the Niagara Parks Commission. Illuminated falls offers a great display of over three million lights on a route that is almost four miles. Though festivities start a good time ahead of New Year, the most brightened night you can ever witness here is the eve of the New Year. At 9 p.m. and at midnight, there are amazing shows of fireworks. These are quite famous worldwide and are even televised throughout Canada.


  1. 3.     Prague, Czech Republic

An interesting mix of celebrations for everyone can be seen around the New Year in Prague. Ranging from the free-for-all handheld fireworks to a magnificent display over the Vltava River and Prague Castle, there is nothing worth missing on the New Year eve in Prague. The Christmas celebrations and mood still swings around at this destination when tourists reach here to welcome the forthcoming year. You may find markets at the Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square selling handicraft items and serving hot food and drinks to people making merry. There are orchestra performances and gala ball organized on the eve of New Year. Even the clubs, bars and town squares are found highly lively to cater to their crowds on the New Year eve.


  1. 4.     Reykjavik, Iceland

This place starts its celebration early and you should timely reach if you wish to have complete enjoyment of it. At Reykjavik Cathedral, the celebration starts with a mass. People listen to it and then generally follow it up with bonfires outside their houses. There are gatherings where people come dressed up as characters and make merry with food and drinks by their sides. Iceland does not put any restrictions on the sale of firecrackers, and thus, even the celebrations are not restricted. The northern lights in Iceland get complemented by some excellent fireworks going around the whole place.


  1. 5.     Rhodes, Greece

It is such a traditional and historical place that you would find each and every person getting involved in special celebrations that are done throughout the country. A highly recommended place is Rhodes Town on the Rhodes island. You would not only get to see activities like card games and New Year carols, but also get a variety of activities to enhance your luck. That sounds strange but is actually part of this place’s traditions. People usually prepare a ‘vasilopita’ cake in which a coin is inserted. It’s believed that the person getting the coin in his/her share will get luck all through the year. The same is depicted by the first child who comes to your door on the New Year’s day. This child determines the family’s luck during the year. Apart from these activities, you would find no dearth of special events and parties in every cafe, bar, plaza or hotel. Like Christmas, this place has a tradition of St. Basil distributing holiday gifts to people. So, you might get luckier!


  1. 6.     New York City

The Times Square at NYC would not let your sleep as this city itself never sleeps. You may watch ball drop and concerts with fellow tourists at this place on New Year. Grab an all-access pass and you have no restrictions to enjoy exclusive clubs for special buffet dinners and continued DJ performances.


  1. 7.     Goa, India

Goa encourages the free spirit inside you, especially on the New Year eve. You would find celebrations going on and on in the open air, as well as on hilltops. Several Bollywood stars have Goa as their favorite destination for celebrating the New Year, while locals keep the celebrations to their New Year’s balls at decorated places. Never know, you might also get lucky to share a glass of fenny drink at one of these places!


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