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Festival Tourism Guide

Costa Rica festivals and festivities that you would love to be a part of

Being an eco and adventure tourism capital of Central America, Costa Rica truly has no dearth of amazing experiences to offer its visitors. The place provides people with freedom and permission to live and to do anything they want. Known for beaches, volcanoes and immense biodiversity, Costa Rica has much more to it. Costa Rican festivals and cultural events are ...

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Top 6 upcoming winter festivals

Winter brings a gush of cold waves and a plethora of festivals which you might miss out if you are panicky about sea bottom temperatures and prefer to stay indoors. If you travel in winter, it is a fact that you will manage it at a lesser expense than in other seasons of the year. Here are some detailed sketches ...

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Some unusual festivals that you will dare

The unusual festivals are those which do not feature as a normal carnival or a fun celebration that will appeal to a tourist in ordinary course of liking. These festivals are unique in character and the crowds they pull are a lot different. In fact, the tourist needs that level of guts to attend, celebrate and enjoy such unique festivals. ...

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Incredible Art Festivals

The best art festivals are blockbusters in the sense they appeal to our artistic side that had always craved to find a route to expression in public. Here we explore a few smash hit art festivals and exhibitions around the world where some of most legendary contemporary artists participate and release the amazing inventory of talent inherent in them riding ...

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Best light festivals in the world

Festival of lights has a universal appeal only the name differs from one country to another. This festival fundamentally gets into its heightened glory during the night when dazzling illumination takes a wonderful spectacle against the back ground of a dark sky. The festival of light percolates through all barriers of faith, class, culture and nationality and observed at different ...

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