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Thinking out of the box

Thinking out of the box is more than just a cliché for your marketing strategy

Increasing competition in the industry has forced many marketers to challenge traditional lines of thinking and productivity. Many marketers are ...

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brand authority

6 Ways public speaking boosts your brand authority

Many small businesses and freelancers tend to take the long route and spend quite a lot of money in promoting ...

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Connecting with customers

Connecting with customers and lead nurturing comes easy with nurture marketing

Nurture marketing refers to the marketing strategy wherein marketers stay connected to prospective customers by offering them worthwhile, relevant data ...

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influence marketing

Making influence marketing work – The key points

Influencer marketing can bring favorable results for your business if you apply the right tricks. The virtual world is overflowing ...

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scarcity marketing

Effective ways entrepreneurs can use scarcity marketing

A widely used marketing technique; scarcity marketing can help marketers encourage buyers to purchase more. To utilize this marketing strategy, ...

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business documents on office table with smart phone and digital

The strategy of scarcity can work for your product

Every company out there needs to come up with an effective selling strategy to promote its product and increase its ...

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Hand holding white blank business visit card, gift, ticket, pass, present isolated on blue background. Copy space for text. Corporate identity package Template ID

Strengthen your brand message with Influencer Engagement Marketing and Referral Marketing

Many businesses are using what is called ‘Influencer Engagement Marketing’ in order to promote their brand message to the target ...

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Brand components

Establishing your brand message with a bang

It is a highly competitive world out there. As such, every new business that enters the market needs to focus ...

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your advisor

Picking a contender – not a pretender – to be your advisor

It’s a common mistake entrepreneurs tend to make. In a bid to taste quick success, they end up taking the ...

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Marketing and business concepts

Marketing Tactics That Can Ensure a Successful New Product Launch

You are all ready to launch a new product as the final part of your new product development process. While ...

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Referral Marketing

Using Referral Marketing as a Lever to Raise Brand Value and Revenue of Your Business

Every business will need to adopt some form of marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and value. For small businesses ...

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Online Business

Inbound Marketing is the New Growth Recipe for Your Online Business

Inbound marketing is quite different from outbound marketing. While the latter focuses on searching for customers, inbound marketing focuses on ...

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