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print marketing

Why investments in print marketing campaigns a sensible strategy

Modern marketers have shifted their focus to digital marketing strategies. With this growing trend, print marketing is almost a forgotten ...

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content marketing strategy

LinkedIn can be the cornerstone of your content marketing strategy

Once regarded as a dull horse in the social media world, LinkedIn is now fast becoming the haven for marketers ...

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successful campaign

You can get an edge by using agile marketing for a successful campaign

With the increasing popularity of social media marketing campaigns, it can be said that agile marketing has also received a ...

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social media marketing

Four ways you can save time on social media marketing

Building relationships with your customers by offering them great content is surely a good marketing strategy. One channel that helps ...

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help marketers

Psychological triggers that help marketers curry favor with consumers

For a business that aims to accumulate a solid customer base, it is but imperative to understand various stages of ...

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Native Advertising

Native Advertising: A Guide to give your business a thrust

Digital advertising has come a long way over the years. Today advertising online is not just about finding space and ...

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marketing is sensible (3)

Moving your strategy from data-driven marketing to insight-driven marketing is sensible

Big data analysis has taken the world of data matrix by a storm; it has become a critical driver of ...

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power of private branding (4)

You can find success with the power of private branding

Private labeling is something that gained prominence during the recessionin 1980s. Consumers switched from expensive products to private labels that ...

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leveraging effective pricing

Brand Protection: Tips to keep your brand strong by leveraging effective pricing

Pricing is what makes or breaks a customer for you. As a business, you cannot have the price soaring or ...

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digital marketing (2)

Permission marketing: An innovative strategy for digital marketing

Every day, several emails find their way to your inbox. Generally, you give little attention to random marketing emails and ...

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lead nurturing campaigns

Best practices that go with your lead nurturing campaigns

Lead Nurturing is the process of creating a relationship which is based on trust with the prospective buyers through various ...

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best strategies

Funnel marketing: Using best strategies to get the best out of your funnel marketing

Funnel marketing is a system through which it becomes easier to track the consumers who are on the verge of ...

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