FlexClip Review: Simple and Powerful Online Video Maker

FlexClip Simple and Powerful Online Video Maker
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Videos elevate your content to the next level. You can easily explain your product or your brand or express yourself in an engaging and interesting manner to your audience. With FlexClip you can make videos to strengthen your marketing campaign or preserve in video form, the moments that are special to your family and friends. Let’s take a look at some of its features and how it works.

What exactly is FlexClip?

FlexClip allows you to create meaningful videos

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FlexClip allows you to create meaningful videos in a matter of minutes. The UI interface is quite simple, and you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of video editing or video making. You can just shoot the videos and compile your videos or shots into a cohesive whole which tells your story.

For any promotional material for your brand, you may need to create a short video to upload on YouTube, Instagram and other social media. This can be done easily without having to pay a lot of money to an expensive editor or professional studio.

If you have family gatherings, birthday parties, weddings and other occasions in your life which you want to record for posterity, all you have to do is edit and make a beautiful video or slide story. 

How does FlexClip work?

The first step is to add media such as photos, videos of your own, or use the millions of stock photos, royalty free music and video clips which are available for free. Using photos and music and other stock items would make your video interesting and appealing.

Then edit your video, trim, filter, add a watermark, logo, compress, merge and rotate video according to your needs, and the media that you would be sharing it on. The functionalities are numerous, which you will discover as you start making the video.

After you have added all the elements, you can export the HD video in various definitions and ratios and share it with your clients, target audience or on social media.

What we liked about FlexClip is that it can help you create time consuming videos in a jiffy. You only have to apply your creativity and execute it on FlexClip to make the most eye-catching videos and slide presentations. 

What kind of videos can you make using FlexClip?

content on FlexClip

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If you do not have any shots of your own, but you have to make a video, you would find many shots and stock images related to your content on FlexClip. 

For example, to promote your real estate business, you can make a video using the stock templates and images, high quality videos and music available on the site for free. Education videos, Explainer videos, Corporate and Promo videos and Tutorials can be made easily.

Almost any kind of video is possible to be made using this site – make adorable videos of your baby, wedding and travel videos, photography videos and even music videos can be made with a simple drag and drop function. 

How safe is it?

The app is quite safe as browser native processing technology is used to provide user security and maintain privacy. This technology also activates a faster processing speed.

Learn as you go from the guide videos on site


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How to play your video on your Instagram story, how to convert YouTube videos to AVI, how to change the music bitrate – all these and other informative guide videos will make your creative journey a rewarding learning process. 


The pricing is very competitive indeed, though with the free version, the FlexClip intro video will play. You would get 480p SD downloads, 1 stock video per project in a total of 12 projects, and a video length of 1 min. If you are on a budget, or want to try out the online tool before spending any money, the free option could work out for you.

The paid option enables your videos to be free of the FlexClip intro and watermark. It starts from $4.99 per month, wherein you get 720p HD downloads, 1 stock video per project for 50 projects, customized watermark and video length of 3 minutes. If you post regularly on social media, for only 5 dollars you can make short promos or stories for Insta, Facebook and YouTube.

The higher paid options ($7.99 and $19.99) gives you 1080p HD downloads, 10-30 minutes of video creation, 5 and unlimited stock videos per project for 200 and unlimited videos respectively. This turns out to be an affordable option for those marketers who want to make high quality videos such as Ads, documentaries and short films.

Music makers can upload new music videos using FlexClip, or anyone who wants to showcase their talent can do so, in just a fraction of the money that it would cost in a professional editing studio. Besides, the free resources make it a one-stop site for all video making needs.

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