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Leveraging Customer Reviews For Your Marketing Tactics

You may have managed to establish your product as a brand, and you might also have started getting some great ...

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10 Things You Should Know About Retargeting

Many marketing people feel that retargeting or remarketing is not at all a good idea and it is best to ...

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Not Yet Time for a Goodbye: Direct Mail Marketing is Doing Well in the Digital World

Direct mail has been used a very effective marketing tool for years. With the advent of email, and other online ...

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Hone your multicultural brand strategy for a globalized market

The markets all over the world have seen major demographic shifts, which mean brand managers need to focus on honing ...

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11 Free Marketing Tools for the Savvy Marketer

A digital marketer uses many tools to market their campaigns via email, content, social media and much more. Most of ...

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The prospects are huge. Is your drip marketing campaign ready?

Drip marketing based on emails is an online marketing procedure where a huge number of emails are employed to drip ...

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Why investments in print marketing campaigns a sensible strategy

Modern marketers have shifted their focus to digital marketing strategies. With this growing trend, print marketing is almost a forgotten ...

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LinkedIn can be the cornerstone of your content marketing strategy

Once regarded as a dull horse in the social media world, LinkedIn is now fast becoming the haven for marketers ...

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You can get an edge by using agile marketing for a successful campaign

With the increasing popularity of social media marketing campaigns, it can be said that agile marketing has also received a ...

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Four ways you can save time on social media marketing

Building relationships with your customers by offering them great content is surely a good marketing strategy. One channel that helps ...

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Psychological triggers that help marketers curry favor with consumers

For a business that aims to accumulate a solid customer base, it is but imperative to understand various stages of ...

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Native Advertising: A Guide to give your business a thrust

Digital advertising has come a long way over the years. Today advertising online is not just about finding space and ...

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