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Top Colors To Use If Your Apartment Is Not Well-Lit Naturally

apartment-design-by-erges_1Colors play a very important role in our lives as well as the appearance of your rooms. It is a well known fact that light colors like pink, peach, yellow, light blue, and other lighter variants make a room look bigger and more airy. A dark color like black, grey or mauve makes a room look smaller and dingy. So the first thing to keep in mind while choosing colors for a room that is not well lit, is using of light colors.Pastel colors are an ideal way to cheer up up the space of your room in an ideal way. It helps to bring an airy and bright feel to the room. Depending on the color of your room and the amount of room that comes in, you can choose from a wide variety of pastel colors. 51bcbf1bdbd0cb1e6c000f98._w.540_s.fit_YellowYellow is a bright and jovial color that soothes our senses and pacifies our minds as well. It makes a room look bigger and brighter. Also, yellow is a good reflector of color and your room can look brighter with the help of the color yellow.DP_Priya-Bhakta-Nair-Eclectic-Living-Room_s4x3_lgGoldYou can also introduce gold into the room to bring in that light and warm feeling. Gold signifies the color of the sun and light. Your room will definitely look bigger and brighter with gold. Gold is a very good reflector that helps to reflect light, add enough brightness and color to the room and brighten up the space on the whole. Try using gold pillows and gold curtains as well, for your rooms to get better light.color-furnitureLight variantsSome lighter shades of green, pink, blue and red also help to lighten up the room by a great deal. They are bright tones that may create magic in your rooms. Variants of pink and peach also do the trick of lighting up the room by a great deal.In all ways, lighter shades do the trick of lighting up your room and making it look bigger and airy. Try out these colors and transform your home into a new one.]]>


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