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Tips To Maintain Glass Furniture

glass-furniture There are various kinds of glasses. These include glasses with a matte finish, glasses with a shining and sparkling touch and glasses that require special care. Cleaning of a glass table  A glass furniture should be wiped with a soft cloth is gentle strokes. A liquid cleaner works wonders on the glass. Also it should be ensured that when something is being kept on the glass table, always ensure that you keep a coaster before keeping something to avoid any kind of scratches . 1336856249_375555366_3-Funky-and-Fun-Cofee-Tables-Glass-Contemporary-Wood-All-Styles-Home-Furniture-Garden-Supplies A glass table also tends to accumulate finger prints if help with hands which are dirty or moist. These prints need to be removed so that the glass looks sparkling clean and fresh. In addition, in the case of glass windows if the glass is not kept clean, it will not reflect light from the other side and your room will look dull. The glass door should be wiped using a soft sponge from top to bottom in straight strokes. If you notice any kind of spot on the glass, there may be chances that there are some deposits of accumulations. In that case you should use a water softener for cleaning the glasses. Cleaning-Glass-Shower-Doors If you have a glass basin avoid using scrub pads for cleaning them, as they may be damaged with scratches. The best way to prevent spots is by cleaning them on a regular basis with a mild glass cleaner. After you gave cleaned them with glass cleaners, wipe then dry with a soft and gentle cloth. You can also clean glass with a mixture of vinegar and lemon. That would leave your glass clean and sparkling. glass-furniture-02 Glass furniture  One should take care that glass furniture are not rubbed or scrubbed very hard. Also, ensure that something very hot should not be directly kept on the glass table. If the glass is very fragile and the container is really hot, glasses tend to crack under the change of temperature. Take care of the following things and your glass furniture will be sparkling clean and will look good as well.]]>


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