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Natural cleaning tips for your household

For someone who is obsessed with keeping things clean around the house, the woes of cleaning can result in calloused hands, over foaming the drain, and the worst nightmare is when you run out of cleaning supplies. Needless to say, the latter is a worse case scenario. However, there is always a greener solution to such a dilemma. In fact, those solutions surprisingly lies within your kitchen pantry. Isn’t it awesome that one can contribute to sustaining a greener environment just by using some simple techniques for household cleaning. So, forget about the bleach, foaming liquids and chemical scrubs and hopefully the tips listed below will help you create a cleaner and greener home.

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1. White bread: Do you see dust and grime on your oil paintings? Use a slice of white bread to dab over the areas to clean. You can also use bread to safely pick up pieces or shards of broken glass on your floor. The glass pieces will stick to the bread surface easily, but just make sure to discard the bread after that.

2. Baking soda: Almost every household has this product in the pantry. It can be used for scrubbing sinks, bath tubs and ceramic tiles without leaving a scratch. Use a wet sponge to dab the baking soda and clean surfaces. To clean the drain pipes, you can also sprinkle about a quarter cup of baking soda, and then pour a cup of vinegar down the drain. After this, some hot water can be poured down to clean the insides of the drain pipes.

3. Tomato ketchup: Squeeze some drops of ketchup on a piece of cloth to rub over brass and copper surfaces for that unexpected shine. Keep a bottle handy for quick cleaning of your copper pans and brass items.

4. Drinking coke: Did you ever overcook the gravy that hopelessly burnt the pan and left you wishing for stronger biceps to scrub off the stains? If yes, then use carbonated soft drinks to remove burnt stains from pots and pans. Just pour it over the burnt surfaces of the pan and let it stand for about one hour before scrubbing it off. The stains will be instantly wiped clean.

5. Rice: Have you ever wondered how to clean the insides of that abstract art inspired flower vase with the narrow neck? Just fill the vase with three quarters of warm water and add a tablespoon of uncooked rice. Shake the vase vigorously to clean the surface and rinse it for that shiny look.

6. White vinegar: Do you wish you can get rid of that nasty chalky, lime deposits on the element of your hot water kettle? Using the bottle brush with your favorite liquid cleaner is not helping. Do not fret! Use white vinegar to cover the element and boil the kettle to watch the scales disappear. You might have to do this a couple more times in case of heavy scaling on the element surface. In case of hard stains, add some salt to the mixture and boil. You can also use vinegar to wipe off adhesive stains from surfaces. Dab some white vinegar on a soft piece of cloth to wipe your suede products clean. To clean your washing machine, fill the basin with warm water, add two cups of vinegar and let it stand for about one hour. Run the cycle for a few minutes before draining.

7. Corn starch/cornflour: Do you see grease stains/spills on the carpet? An instant solution is to pour corn starch or sprinkle cornflour over the stains and leave it for about 30 minutes. After this, use a vacuum over the areas to see those ugly stains magically disappear.

8. Lemon juice: Along with its natural bleach and fresh aroma, lemon juice is an effective cleaning agent and disinfectant. Dab some lemon juice over spots, especially rust stains on white clothes. Lay them in the sun for about 10 minutes before doing your laundry as usual.

9. White shaving cream: Use white shaving cream to clean your mirrors and wipe off with a piece of cloth.

10. Soap bars/candles: Keep your cabinet drawers gliding smoothly by rubbing soap bars or candles on the runners underneath. This will keep the drawers from sticking and making them easy to open.

Save the environment by going green, and begin the revolution from your household.

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