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How to keep your home cool without an ‘Air Conditioner’

Keeping your house cool

There are many reasons behind not wanting to buy an Air Conditioner, power consumption being one. But there are many easy ways you can keep your room cool without an A/C. Check out our list of the 10 ways to keep your home cool. And remember to try out the offbeat ways when regular ways don’t workout.

1. Keep the curtains and windows closed during the day time to keep the heat out. And open up all the windows and curtains during the night to let the cool air in. You can put extra bamboo shades on your porch to block some more sunlight.

2. If your house has more than one floor, consider moving down to the first floor or the lower floor. It’s generally cooler than the one which is directly under the roof. The basement can be another option, it may sound silly, but it’s cooler down there. So consider to make your basement fit to dwell.

3. You can build a water roof, block the holes which passes rain water and store water on your roof. The water level should be at least half a foot, this will help your roof from heating. This method has it’s cons as well, water logging can damage your roof and make cracks. So only do this for the hottest days.

4. Hang light colored curtains on the windows to reflect light and heat. Use thick bamboo cloth curtains on your windows and wet them during the day time. Cool air will pass through your house all day long.

5. Put umbrella cloth outside your windows. Umbrella cloths block the light and reflect sunlight. This procedure is unique as well as effective. Umbrella fabric isn’t expensive and can be bought online as well.

6. Put your fans to good use. Place your table fans in windows to bring in cool air. Put some ice in front of your table fan and stand or sit face on. You’ll feel cool and replenished. Fans can be used to both supply air and drive hot air out. Fix an exhaust fan in your room, the exhaust fan will drive out the hot air while your ceiling fan will blow down the cool air. And of course there are table fans and stand fans for extra cooling.

7. Find out the things inside your house which generate heat. Many electrical appliances are guilty of doing this. So turn off your electrical equipment, in addition unplug them or switch off the plug insert or main switch of the device. For example, turn off the lights when not in use. Also consider switching to fluorescent bulbs or LED from incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs generate high heat.

8. Use a dehumidifier if you live in a humid place. Humidity makes it feel hotter than it actually is. Also an attic ventilator is good to insulate the attic, so as to keep your ceiling cool. Avoid cooking during the hottest part of the day, e.g mid day or mid afternoon. Finish your cooking within 10 am in the morning and cook again after 5 pm.

9. Plant a lot of trees in your terrace, covering especially the east side and southern side. Trees not only will provide shade, they will also absorb all the sunlight for their photosynthesis requirements. Trees and green leaves are great in keeping the temperature down.

10. Paint your roof white or any other reflective paint. An expensive method would be to put marble on your roof, marble flooring keeps cool. This method is more expensive than the rest of the above mentioned methods, but this can last you a lifetime. It’ll make a great show on your roof as well.

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