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Five most terrifying archeological discoveries

k-bigpic Screaming Mummies Many of the mummies discovered are with an open mouth that looks as if the individual was in enormous pain before death. It was assumed that it might be the result of poisoning, burying alive, or torturing before untimely death. However, the extensive studies on mummification has revealed that during embalming the bodies, if the mouth is kept wide open it remains so after the dead body is embalmed and it creates an impression of permanent screaming. Bricks Thwarted Vampires The skull with a stone or brick inserted in the mouth was found in Venice. In the past days, a stone or brick was put in the suspected vampire’s mouth to make the vampire starve to death. The skull was believed to be of a woman who was suspected to be a vampire and slain by thwarting brick in the mouth. Further studies revealed that people were buried in mass graves and the graves were reopened to add new bodies. When the graves were reopened, bloated bodies with blood spilling from their mouths and holes in their head shrouds were often revealed. Those corpses were believed to be vampires. Ball and Chain Tied An iron ball and chain was pulled from thick black mud on the banks of the river Thames and it is believed to be from 17th century. The iron ball weighs around 18 pounds, the shackles were lock fastened and had no keys. The scientists believed that it may be a prisoner trying to escape and met death by drowning. The iron was reported to be of high quality. The Mass Grave of the Headless Vikings Archeologists found a mass grave near the boring old roadway in Dorset. The grave contained the headless remains of 54 Viking mercenaries. The researchers were surprised to see the leg and arm bones, heads and torsos were all neatly arranged into their own separate piles. The archeologists believe that the local villagers who survived the Viking attacks murdered the assailants, stripped them naked and dismembered the dead bodies. They might have taken away the heads as fun-time souvenirs. Unearthed Greek vessels Containing Human Remains In Aigai, the ancient capital of Macedonia, the remnants of human were found in silver vessels. These findings redirect to a mysterious murder plot. The archeologists believe that the remains are of the murdered son of Alexander.]]>


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