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Excellent home decorating ideas for middle class houses

Home decorating is not a by choice option for many middle class families. Rather, it is a decision that needs to be taken (and probably be put in the backburner for a while) only after the monthly bills, mortgages, loans and other financial obligations are paid off. As a result, many middle class families are left with the thought that they would need to save a substantial amount of money after paying off all these bills, in order to even think of decorating their homes. Not necessarily though, for there are plenty of ways one can decorate a middle class home without burning a hole through his/her pocket. Given below are some home decoration tips aimed at the same.


Buy Second Hand Furniture

No we don’t mean broken pieces, but rather, used furniture that is still in good condition. You will be able to find plenty of these in yard sales, flea markets and second hand furniture stores. Opt for inexpensive, rustic furniture pieces that look used and worn out as they would blend in with the other elements of the room (sometimes even better than new pieces). All you would need to do with an old piece of furniture is strip away the paint, varnish it, and then repaint all the individual pieces of furniture in the same color or different shades of a single color.

Opt for Attractive Wallpapers or Paints

Just wallpapering or painting the walls would make your middle class home look rich, elegant and inviting. Don’t go for monochrome colors. Rather, opt to paint a single room in two complementing colors in order to accentuate walls and pillars. You can also paint a wall in two different colors and then use stencils to create dramatic patterns. Of course, you can also use attractive wall papers to create focal points on the walls for a more dramatic effect.

Modern interior designs home decorating ideas.

Repurpose Used Materials

Instead of throwing out old clothes, you can transform them into pot holders, rag rugs, pillow covers, couch throws, kitchen aprons, wall hangings and even curtains. The more you repurpose, the more ideas you would get on how to make use of old, used materials again.

Opt for Glass Front Cabinets

In addition to giving the room a glossy look, glass front cabinets would force you to keep their contents neat and organized, thereby making your home look neat and clutter free. The same goes for the kitchen where stacks of pots and pans would be found behind every wooden cabinet door. Opting for a glass front cabinet would make you want to keep the pots and pans arranged, thereby creating a more organized look for the kitchen, as well as your home.

Opt for Biofuel Fireplace Unit

If you want a fireplace in your home, but can’t afford to buy or install one, consider opting for a biofuel fireplace unit that is extremely easy to install and does not require any ventilation. A biofuel fireplace unit would also be powered by ethanol, an ingredient that can be easily available in hardware stores.


These tips would definitely help you decorate your middle class home within a limited budget. So take them into consideration when deciding to decorate your home in the future.


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