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Best eco friendly shoes to give your feet a sense of sustainability

Eco friendly shoes

A lot of shoe-making companies are going green by manufacturing eco-friendly shoes that help you minimize the content of carbon footprint as you walk. Shoes are a must for everyone and people all over the world buy them. They protect your feet against abrasive elements and infections. However, most of us don’t understand the extent of the negative effect these non-biodegradable shoes have on the environment. The manufacturing of the shoes indirectly leads to depletion of rainforests which is detrimental to the environment. Therefore, if you are conscious about your environment and love to use green wearable’s, check out some examples of eco-friendly shoes that give you a sense of sustainability:

1. Nike N7 Collection

Nike N7

Nike’s environment friendly shoes are a great asset to an eco-friendly athlete. These shoes are designed keeping in mind the environment of the future and the native community. The Nike N7 collection has been created taking into consideration the impact that will be felt by the next seven generations to come. To reduce the effect on the environment, all the products in this line are designed with Nike considered standards that give maximum performance and lower the effect on the environment. Moreover, a part of the profits generated from N7 goes directly to the N7 funds that support sports via social change that takes place in native communities.

2. Timberland Eco-Friendly Boat Shoe

Timberland Earthkeeper Boot Shoe

Timberland has definitely set a benchmark for the green shoe technology in the creation of these boat shoes that have been specially designed to be recycled. These shoes provide extra comfort while walking. Another collection of Timberland’s is the Earthkeepers Collection which includes 40 styles of environment conscious footwear. The double tone style looks good with contrast stitching that goes well with the leather upper. What makes this shoe stand out from the rest is its green credentials. About 80 % of the Earthkeeper Boat shoe 2.0 can be reused or recycled.

3. Biodegradable shoes:

Biodegradable Shoes

These biodegradable shoes can be turned into planters. Sounds a bit strange, but it’s true. Oat Shoes, a company based in Amsterdam, has developed shoes that can be planted. According to the people at Oat Shoes, their objective was not only to combine attractive style and biodegradable material to make sneakers look good, but also to make sure that they leave no mark on the environment when you discard them. If these shoes are buried in the garden or woods and are watered regularly, they actually bloom into flowers.

4. Terra Plana eco-friendly shoes:

Eco Shoes by Terra Plana

Eco-friendly footwear doesn’t mean hemp sandals or trendy shoes. A British shoe company, Terra Plana, have been manufacturing unique eco-friendly shoes since 2001. The materials used include vegetable tanned leather, recycled rubber and recycled Pakistani quilts. Terra Plana was established in 1989 in Holland by sculptor, Charles Bergman. In 2004, Terra Plana merged with Anti-Apathy and in the next year with Worn. Worn again came up with the creation of new trainers from recycled material that, in most cases, are used in landfills. Their main aim is to improve the economic, social and environmental conditions in the area in which they operate, thereby building a profitable business with cool recycled shoes.

5. New Balance 70 shoes:

New Balance 70

New Balance has recently announced an eco-friendly in-tune shoe called the New Balance 70. These shoes are made up of at least 50% environment friendly material. The upper of the New Balance 70 is made of recycled polyester in the laces, shoe saddle and webbing. Rice husk filler is used in the outsole that decreases the quantity of rubber to be used and also the amount of solvents used. The company has removed almost 98 percent of its waste. The leftover gets recycled or is processed to be converted into energy.

The inside of the shoe fits right up against your foot which makes the shoe light in weight and compressible. The shoe bottom is made up of reused shoe soles. The inner sole has an unusual design – it has pictures of the pattern of the shoe and the way the pieces are joined together to make the shoe. As it is eco-friendly, the New Balance 70 isn’t wrapped up in tissue. Even the cardboard boxes are recyclable.

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