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Colorful LED Light-up Shower Heads

Bright ShowerInnovative bathroom decor is the need of the hour. Designing a bathroom is one of the toughest challenges for an interior designer. To meet this challenge, here’s something that gives your bathroom and your mood a new uplift. Colorful LED lights attached to showers define luxury in a better innovative manner. These lights dazzle up your shower and provide a spark to your dull moment of bath.

These showers add a fun element to your bathrooms and guess what, these are low energy consuming lights which makes it economical and the ultimate luxury to suit your budget.

The Underlying Mechanism

Basically, there are two types of LED lights attached to the shower heads, one is which runs without electricity, i.e., with no batteries or no wiring but uses power from the water moving through the shower heads and the other is using electricity. Surprised, how they run using water? Don’t be. It’s the same case as hydroelectric power where energy is generated using water. It can be said to be a power saving concept as the lights will flicker only when you take a bath and no water or energy wastage. Environmental consciousness is the main ideology behind the LED shower head. Imagine while taking a shower at night the power goes off, this shower will continue glowing.

A Touch of Luxury

Luxury will be profound in your bathroom when you use this shower-head light as this energy saving luxury will turn a normal washroom into a designer one. A wide array of these shower head-lights are available, which are economical and compliments every bathroom. Light up Hand Shower that is multifunctioning with automated controls of water flows and color change to enhance your luxury and let you dip into the comfort wash.LED light Shower Head

Adventure for Kids

It is often seen that kids dread bathing. You can now try to impress your kids and coax them into bathing by showing them the new shower with lights. Trust me, they will surely love it and it will be a day’s play for them. Even teenagers, who are often fond of showing off their latest trends to their friends can become a superstar among friends by showing them their newfound luxury. Besides the different light designs as christmas lights, disco lights is sure to catch fancy among youngsters. Planning to make your kids happy? Don’t think twice!


In case you already have a shower installed in your bathroom and are thinking to install the head-lights on it then it’s simple. First, remove the shower head with a wrench and carefully loosen the head and remove it. Then, clean the shower base carefully and ensure that there is no debris. Then, place an O ring inside the shower faucet where there is a water connection to prevent any water leakage and fix the new shower head light carefully with a wrench and do not forget to test it!


These LED Light up shower heads are quite affordable. They generally cost between $20 and $50 unless you decide to purchase it from an eminent brand. You can even think it of gifting it to your dear ones and surprise them and win kudos for your brilliant idea. They are available at nearly every gadget store and bathroom fittings store. A wide range of colors are available for this shower head light and you can pick up whichever appeals you, such as green, red, and blue are the apparently available colors that are set to woo you.

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