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Boosting your baby’s learning

You might be enjoying the various things that your baby does from licking toys to kicking in air. The baby enjoys them too. But there is something more to it and that is your baby is learning from all those activities. Yes. Babies begin their learning right from their earliest times. Every sound they hear, everything they see and feel keeps adding to their knowledge. Most of the brain development occurs during the early years and you would surely like to make the most of it.


You can help

Your baby’s brain development begins in the womb and most of it occurs during their early years. While you are aware that your baby is constantly busy gaining information there is a lot you can do to boost your baby’s learning. Some of the simplest things that you can do for your baby are:

Pregnancy care – You can make sure your baby receives all the required nutrition and peace to maintain a healthy and stress-free fetal period.

Infant stimulation – Although babies spend most of their time in feeding and sleeping, slowly they start utilizing time for their play. You too can make use of this time and try to give early stimulation of all the senses.

  • Sound – Babies start responding to your voice by cooing and smiling and you can take the opportunity to give your best at this time. Your baby grasps facial expressions, your voice and tone and may respond to different sounds and voices. You can play soft music or use musical toys, sing simple rhymes for your baby.
  • Visual – Visual perception is the most attractive learning experience for the babies. Different colors, pictures, object can be used to create visual awareness. You can use toys and picture books to add to your baby’s knowledge during early years.
  • Touch – This provides tactile stimulation and you can provide with materials of different textures, which your baby can feel. You can use safe toys with various holds and grasps to improve the fine motor skills also.

Language stimulation – Early during the infancy your baby will start picking up your words and build a vocabulary of words. You can help by talking about the various objects seen in the house or while having a stroll in the garden. You can label the activities that you are performing; introduce the people you meet at an outing and engage in one-to-one communication with your baby.

Release stress – Babies can also get stressed due to the environment and the efforts that they take to learn new things. You can help your baby by giving a gentle body and head massage, a warm water bath. This will help your baby grow with love and build your special bond too. The most important thing is to encourage every effort of your baby and extend your support towards more exploration within safety limits.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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