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A useful insight into sponge wall painting

Oldfields_Sea_Sponge_Effect_large There are many things one need to consider when it comes to painting the house. Factors like color schemes for individual rooms, themes and additional decorations would all need to be considered carefully in order to bring out the desired look and feel. Hiring contractors would probably allow individuals to achieve a polished look for their homes. However, DIY projects would give a personalized look for the rooms, allowing owners to add their own creative touches to the rooms in order to give them a sense of uniqueness. It would also help save money on hiring painters or contractors to do the job. 179352_t607 Another way to add more sparkle to the walls would be to opt for sponge painting rather than applying a single coat of paint on the walls. The technique is simple and involves using a sponge to paint the wall instead of using a regular paintbrush for the same purpose. Using a sponge would enable the walls to obtain a unique texture, which in turn can make the walls look more beautiful and creative. In addition to this, sponge painting will effectively hide uneven spots and defects on the walls. Sponge painting is a relatively easy DIY process and requires some paint and a sea sponge. The different colors chosen would need to complement each other in order to achieve an elegant look. The procedure is simple as well, and requires the individual to simply sponge the paint onto the wall surface and move it around randomly until the desired texture or pattern is achieved. The desired design or texture can be chosen from a catalogue of existing patterns, or unique patterns can be carved out of one’s own imagination for a more personal look. Summary Sponge painting would enable walls to get a unique, more personalized look. Sponge painting is essentially a DIY project that requires minimal items and minimal effort as well. The only thing needed in abundance is creativity, which would enable individuals to paint whatever pattern they want on the walls.]]>

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