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Countries and their toasts to make delicious bites


Making a toast generally involves making a speech and the raising of glasses. This ritual is said to originate during a time when poisoning was a concern: clinking glasses allowed for the contents from both glasses to spill into one another to prove that both were drinkable. The name for this practice apparently comes from the adding of spiced toast ...

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New York’s undiscovered, underground bars


Anyone who has experienced a New York winter knows that it is bone-chillingly unbearable. The frosty air cuts through your thermal clothes, biting at your fingers and toes. No matter how many times you wrap that scarf around your neck or how low down you pull that beanie over your ears, the cold will find its way in. The best ...

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Importance of planning in wine tourism


The initial move in planning wine tourism and its importance rests on a detailed survey of the package on offer and the related expenditure. Wine tourism is a unique sort of exploration. Development and cultivation of a wine culture and the subtle nuances linked with the harvest procedure, the ambience, the rustic set up and the taste should acquaint a ...

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How to get more information on wine tourism


Reliable information on wine tourism is vital to draw up your itinerary, and the easily accessible source of information is the internet. At the click of your computer mouse, you get instant and accurate information as regards the location, modes of transport and other amenities available in your dream wine tourism destination. The fare chart of transport is readily available ...

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Top 10 wine tourism destinations in the world


Napa Valley, California: While talking about the top ten destinations in wine tourism, the extraordinary charm of Napa Valley in California comes to mind in an instant flash! It is one of the most sought after wine tourism destinations in the world, and there is much truth in the statement ‘Napa Valley is the wine tourist’s paradise’. You are exposed ...

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Essential components of wine tourism


The chief components of wine tourism are based upon the foundation blocks like visits to the vineyards and wineries, tasting a paired combination of wine and food and witness the process in its entirety from the point of harvest till the prepared wine is barreled and locked in a cellar. Against the background of this big picture, there exist a ...

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