6 Whiskey distillery tours you absolutely should not miss

Whiskey distillery tours are always special and memorable. In addition to getting to know how your favorite whiskey brand is produced, you get to taste test several different kinds of whiskeys, including Bourbon and Scotch, etc.

So if you are in the vicinity of a winery or distillery, make it a point to opt for a brewery tour. If you are on the lookout for the best whiskey distillery tours in the world, take a look at these options where you can start your whisky tasting experience.

Glenfiddich Distillery in Scotland

Glenfiddich Distillery in Scotland (1)

The Glenfiddich Distillery is located in Dufftown, Scotland. The world renowned distillery offers over 3 different whisky tours to choose from. The first is the Explorers Tour that takes visitors on a tour of the entire story behind Glenfiddich. The tour takes 90 minutes and will walk you through the visitor’s center, the warehouse, dramming center, the Still House and the Mash House.

The Pioneers Tour is 4 hours long and lets you enjoy a bird’s eye view of some of Glenfiddich’s deepest taste secrets. The more popular tour however, is the Glenfiddich Solera: Deconstructed Tour that lasts for 2 hours and 30 minutes. The tour allows you to couple the first tour with a visit to the Malt Master’s Suite followed by a tasting session of different types of superior whisky.

Jim Beam American Stillhouse, Kentucky


Located in Clermont, the world class Jim Beam American Stillouse distillery produces one of the world’s most famous whisky brands, Bourbon. The distillery offers visitors a 75 minutes guided tour of the entire facility. The tour will also include an in depth description of how Bourbon whisky is made.

This includes a stage by stage tour wherein you will start from natural limestone water and then move through mashing, distilling, barreling, storing and bottling. This is the followed by a tasting session where you get to sample delicious Bourbon whisky.

Macallan Distillery, Scotland

Vintage photo of old winery

Located in Craigellachie, the Macallan Distillery is situated on the Macallan Estate. The distillery offers a 1 hour 46 minutes long distillery tour for visitors. A tour will include not more than 10 visitors in order to offer a more personalized experience.

The tour will walk you through the entire process behind the production of the Macallan whisky brand. This is then followed by a nosing and tasting session of different Macallan whiskies.

George Washington Distillery and Gristmill, Virginia

Stacked wine barrels

Located in Alexandria, the George Washington Distillery and Gristmill used to produce more than 11000 gallons of whisky every year. Following an extensive research and reconstruction project, the distillery was opened to the general public in 2005.

The distillery currently offer tours for visitors on a daily basis and allows one to experience how whisky distilleries functioned back in the 18th century.

Old Jameson Distillery, Ireland


Located in Dublin, the Old Jameson Distillery is the original distillery of the most famous whisky brand in Ireland, Jameson. While the distillery itself has been moved to a newer building, the old one has been transformed into a visitor’s center.

The distillery offers hour long guided tours that let visitors gain an understanding of the history of the Jameson whisky brand. The tour also includes a tasting session along with a complimentary Jameson drink and a Whiskey Taster Certificate.

Talisker Distillery, Scotland

wine barrel

The Talisker Distillery is a 200-year-old whisky distillery that sits on the picturesque Skye Island. The distillery offers visitors a guided tour of the entire facility, including visits to the copper pot stills, the warehouse and the worm tubes, etc.

The tour offers to provide a up close and personal look of the entire whisky production process. The tour is coupled with a tasting session after which guests are allowed to explore the rest of the island.

A visit to a whisky distillery is never complete without opting for a tour of the facility as well as a tasting session afterwards. These whisky distilleries offer visitors a sneak peek into how some of the most famous whiskies in the world are produced.

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