Five most luscious wine landscapes in the world

Five most luscious wine landscapes in the world

There are many vineyards boasting of scenic beauty with breathtaking landscapes and hospitable hosts, giving you a taste of their fine wines.  However, these credentials are not enough to feature in the list of the top five most amazing wine roads in the world.  Here is a look at the top five:

1.  Barossa Valley, Australia

This is one of the oldest wine areas in Australia with eminent vineyards such as the Orlando, Peter Lehmann and Penfolds.  The Barossa Valley was originally occupied by immigrants from Germany and still has the old-world feel.  This region is known for its Shiraz and Cabernet wines and has an extremely scenic locale.

2.  Classic New Zealand Wine Trail, New Zealand

This sprawling wine trail all the way from Hawke’s Bay to the expanses of Marlborough- the Classic New Zealand Wine Trail is perhaps unique as it traverses across a huge water body.

3.  Deutsche Weinstrasse, Germany

Pfalz is one of the earliest wine routes in Germany and the German Wine Road called the Deutsche Weinstrasse which transverses the Pfalz is perhaps the first one in the world that has been created exclusively for wine enthusiasts.  In order to boost the sales of wines, this road was further developed to develop villages engaged in wineries to expand the scope of wine tourism.

4.  Highway 29, California, USA

Highway 29 draws a parallel to Highway D2 of France as the wine road similarly is home to some of the greatest wines of America along with some pioneers who have been instrumental in the American wine boom.  This wine road from Calistoga leads all the way to the Napa Valley, which is popularly known for its popular wineries such as Schramsberg, Robert Mondavi and Beringer Winery.

5.  Route des Vins, Quebec, Canada

Quebec’s wine road has the bearings of old world charm and scenic beauty.  This region has been earmarked particularly for Agritourism and encourages tourists to experience the local crafts and cuisines.  Apart from its eighteen vineyards on La Route des Vins, there are other avenues to satisfy your taste buds such as the chocolate museum and various other farms with local produce.


There is a lot more to experience on these beautiful wine roads apart from the wines- as they offer a slice of their local experience in the form of adventure sports, old world charm and gastronomical delights.

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