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Urban Adventures tour package to visit Athens

Urban Adventures tour package to visit Athens

Urban Adventures are tour organizers who operate responsible tours in the cities of Rome and Athens. They use the local ally owned infrastructure and help the local people financially by providing employment and leadership opportunities to the local people. They arrange for enjoyable trips to travelers and give them an opportunity to interact with the local people.

Highlights of the visit to Athens

Athens is a city of streets that are filled with historic, cultural and food specialties. A tour into the streets of Athens with a local guide will open one’s eyes to the retail hot spots, temples, markets and mosques in Athens. The guide will take the tourist to explore the city’s markets with their legendary traditions.  They get an idea of the history and architecture of the 17th and 18th centuries and visit the famous landmarks of the city. One gets a chance to wander around the Athens Acropolis and learn about the history of its ruins.

Walking Tour into Athens

The walking tour organized by the Urban Adventures helps the travelers to dive into the soul of Athens and discover the specialities of the city including all the ancient history. The walking tour starts with a guide from the Syctagma square which is the most crowded and important square that is surrounded by neo classical buildings. The tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Evazone —which is the guards of the constitution can be seen on the upper end of the square. At Evazone the changing of the guard ceremony that takes place every hour is a spectacle sight with the guards in ancient traditional clothes having an old rifle, white skirt and a red hat. Next to this view is the metro travel to Monastiraki that covers the area of ancient ruins. A small walk around the walls of Athens Acropolis takes one to the hub of classic Athens history along with a number of stories related to the monuments that are told by the local guide.

Plaka area with shops of souvenirsand local food and drink along Adriannou Street catches the attention of all travelers. A walk under the walls of Acropolis leads to the Hadrian’s arch that was built in honor of the great Roman emperors. Behind this are the ruins of the Zeus temple. Passing across the National garden one arrives at the Panathinaiko Stadium which is made of white marble. The final destination of the tour is to the modern architecture of Athens which is built next to the ancient sites. The Athens walking tour comes to an end in the Plaka area.

 Responsible Travel Tips from Urban Adventures Tours—

  • It is best to learn about the place one is visiting—including its religion, culture, art, food, local rules and values.
  • A bit of speaking and understanding of the local language is also essential. The appropriate behavior and some body language need to be understood beforehand.
  •  Taste local food and buy local made goods made by traditional artisans and use private transports
  • One needs to dress in a manner that is respectable with awareness to local standards.
  •  Try to be friendly with the crowd by giving them a smile or by taking their snaps and sending back copies of the snaps taken.
  •  The secret of having fun in the tour is that one should keep calm, cheerful and friendly.


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