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Things that make Napa Valley a premium tourist destination

Things that make Napa Valley a premium tourist destination

You may think you know everything about Napa Valley, its wine production and tourism. However, little did you know that it preserves a huge amount of agricultural land, allowing Napa County to avoid the urban sprawl, the result of which is an attractive place for residents to live and tourists to visit. This valley is by far the largest and best known in the San Francisco bay area. 

As a visitor, if one plans to drive to the Napa Valley, one shouldn’t be driving at rush hour. Enjoy the views, the cows, the vineyards and the oak trees, as it is world renowned for its wines. In addition, a small number of wineries produce sparkling wines, ports, brandies and liquors that are like little jewels of this place. Driving through the wineries offers the best glimpses of the Napa Valley.

The Napa River is one of four navigable rivers in California, being a major source of fresh water to San Francisco Bay area, while also offering excellent fishing opportunities. Wineries, excellent restaurants, hiking and cycling trails and vibrant arts community abound this region.  For the ultimate in cheap transportation, you can also rent a bike and pedal your way from winery to winery, getting a different glimpse in each season of the year.

 The best time to visit Napa Valley is during the fall, as this is crush time when the grapes are harvested. If you miss the prime time, you can even try to visit this beautiful place in November because the weather during this time is quite good. Spring is the second best time to visit the valley as this is the time when the mustard plants are all in bloom, giving you ample opportunity to check the colors of the valley.  Here, along with good wines, the visitors also get a chance to feast on great food at great prices.

The art and music of Napa Valley pair brilliantly with the region’s famed wine and culinary traditions, providing a beautiful backdrop for displaying sculptures. The Napa valley museum promotes the cultural and environmental heritage, changing exhibits and permanent history collections from fine arts to history to natural sciences. For extra thrills and chills, you could even explore the beautiful valley at a bird’s eye view.


Napa Valley enjoys close proximity to all modern day conveniences. The valley is beautiful all year long, just different from season to season, and is a treat for wine lovers.

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