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Photography Tourism Guide

Beautiful hiking spots too good to resist for photography lovers

If you have always been passionate about photography and particularly of breath-takinglocales, you cannot miss out on hiking spots. Yes, some of the hiking spots across the world have the most astounding and incredible views which are worth capturing in your eyes and on your camera lens. Here are a few such hiking spots, which photography lovers just cannot afford ...

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Do’s and don’ts of photography tourism

There are certain important rules one should abide by while taking his camera to a tourist destination. These regulations are however guided by the geographical character, cultural practices, local crowd and the customs and beliefs that rule. When the enchanting plateau of Tibet or the mystic flavor of the country is your target destination, you need to watch out for ...

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Key drivers of photography tourism

Photography tourism is driven by a strong impetus to express the creative side of the photographer tourist. The wonderful visual charms and the magic spell cast by a dynamic sheet of the blue ocean against the backdrop of a brilliant sun fires a rare kind of satisfaction to the photographer tourist who captures these exquisite shades of pink, azure and ...

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Precautions in photography tourism

The first thing to be borne in mind while on photographic tourism is that you must have respect for your subject, especially when taking photo shots of places of worship, ritual gatherings and sacred landmarks. You need to keep your senses alert to find out if others are taking snaps. The locals may show resentment as photography in general may ...

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Essential components of photography tourism

The most important component of photographic tourism revolves around the human element that functions behind the camera. The photographer himself is a key component. You need to have the right kind of ‘eye’ or in other words a perceptive vision that enables you to view your subject and whatever stands beyond. The image is a just an outline of the ...

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