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Top travel hubs for those who have a heart and love for painting

Prepare yourself with your sketching and painting kit

Travelling to different places is a part of a painter’s life, to quench their thirst of extraordinary painting inspirations that the scenic beauty of a place they travel to offers. Painting in a studio is one thing, and painting facing your inspiration is an altogether different experience. It is like getting inspired and putting all that inspiration on the canvas there itself. In this article we have brought for you all some scenic destinations from America, Europe, and India, you must visit if you a penchant for painting, or even otherwise.

American Destinations that are worth a trip for its scenery

These following destinations have many other things to offer you but one thing that you must consider in these destinations is their breathtaking sceneries that can inspire you for a lifetime.

  • Bartlett Cove Campground, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

If wilderness is something that inspires you the most and you like to paint that beauty onto the canvas then you must visit Bartlett Cove Campground. The moss-covered trees on the edge of the Bartlett Cove that is full of whales look no less than a place from someone’s imagination. Make sure you book this camping site, enjoy the wilderness in its purest sense, and amass immense inspiration for painting.

  • Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Nestled in the American Southwest, the Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon famous for its two separate photogenic slot canyon sections – the Upper Antelope Canyon or The Crack and Antelope Canyon or The Corkscrew. The natural color art and the unique structure of this destination make it a place revered by photographers and painters worldwide.

Must-see scenic hubs in India

Coming down to India, the country literally has no dearth of scenic destinations that can leave in awe for many days to come.

  • Nubra Valley, Ladakh

It is one of the most isolated valleys of Ladakh, probably the sole reason responsible for the extraordinary untouched beauty of this valley. The grandiose Nubra Valley has so many exhilarating views to offer you ranging from dry mountains, snow clad mountains, famous and peaceful monasteries, Hunder sand dunes, lake, and many others to inspire you.

  • Mizoram

Famous as an ecotourism and adventure tourism destination, Mizoram has some dramatic landscapes and pleasant climate to offer its visitors. You can pack your bag and your painting kit and set out for a pleasant stay in this beautiful scenic Indian state.

Top European spots that offer many great views

  • Tuscany

Tuscany is a region in central Italy that has loads and loads of scenic views and other impressive experiences to offer you. Be it its architecture you take into consideration, its rich culture, or its historical significance and the marks that speak volumes of its history, or the nature reserves you visit, you will have some once in a lifetime experiences you will never forget.

  • Eastern Alps

Eastern Alps are a countryside region that offers scenic beauty and some great winter sports opportunities to quench your thirst for adventure and scenery altogether. The flora and fauna you get to see offer a heavenly atmosphere you cannot help falling in love with. Deep gorges, salt mines, hot springs and ice caves are some of the features you can explore there. Majestic peaks and the slow moving glaciers help sustain the ecosystem therein, and offer breathtaking panorama in both summers and winters.

The destinations mentioned here undoubtedly have a plethora of other options they offer their visitors but their extraordinary landscapes, experiences, and magical beauty is what makes them all the more special. Depending upon your choice and the setting that inspires you the most, you can pick one destination from the many.

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