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Destinations that are popular and suited for kids

Planning a trip with kids, or family friendly trips we call them have to be such wherein both the elders and the kids can enjoy themselves. Family friendly destinations offer such places and experiences that both you and your kids enjoy. Here is a list of some of the family friendly destinations you must visit once with your kids.

Subic Bay, Philippines, Safari exploration

This time take your kids into the wild in the Subic Bay, Philippines. A 25 hectare park that offers children to hold slippery snakes and crocodiles, a safari ride that take you and your children so close to lions and other animals in the park giving your children some moments of fun and excitement. Other activities that are there in the park ready to surprise your kids are the souvenir and toyshops, animal shows, 3D movies, and a Serpentarium.

Universal Studios, Singapore

Your kids would be more than happy to see Puss in Boots, Shrek & Fiona, Chip & Dale, Woody Wood Pecker, and many other characters walking in the parks of the Universal Studios. There are numerous exciting things for the elders too, which makes this place an ideal family-friendly spot in Singapore. Enjoy the rides in the movie-themed amusement park and make your children eat at restaurants that serve special kid meals.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong awaits so many families every year to surprise and make them happy with its wide assortment of activities and views. It looks beautiful during the day but all the more beautiful when the colorful lights light it up in the dark. You and your kids just would not get time to take off your eyes even for a minute, as there are so many exciting things to see and do. The colorful fancy parades, the rides, and people roaming dressed up as cartoon characters come and greet you. The Disney castle and all the Disney themes there make it a one-stop destination for all the kids around the world.

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Kangaroo Island is popular for its wildlife that can vow you and your kids altogether. The island is a home to koalas, brushtail possums, echidnas, goannas, bandicoots, swamp rats, and six species of bat and six species of frog.

Majority of these animals on the island are nocturnal, which means you and your kids get exciting time late in the night sitting with your torches on to see these animals crossing you by. The beaches there are so clean and fresh, the camping grounds you can visit for a perfect time pass while appreciating the vicinity, and booking yourself a rustic log cabin allows you and your children to sit in the verandah and watch these animals at play.

Museum of Science and Industry, Illinois

A special tip for you, if you plan a visit to this museum with your children, make sure you have minimum of two days to spend exploring this museum because one day is just not enough. It is such a big museum that you with your children cannot explore it in a single day.

It is like a magical place for children that arouses a great deal of curiosity in children and imparts good knowledge to children. To many exhibitions and activities, you and your children will come across in the museum. Do not miss to see the real United Airlines Boeing 727 hanging there from a balcony, model of an early 20th century American town and a captured German U boat model.

Family time is indeed the best time and one must enjoy it to the fullest. You must keep planning trips with your kids and family to fascinating family friendly destinations to keep your children excited and yourself happy.

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