Going on a nature adventure across UK

nature adventure

Nature adventures or the wilderness adventures if you are on a lookout for then you must consider UK for that. From pony trekking, beach camping to stargazing, UK has a plethora of nature adventure options for you. Here is your guide to a perfect nature adventure travel across UK.

Top nature adventure activities to try out in UK

North Wales – Cycling

A perfect chance to escape your busy schedule and hustle and bustle of a busy town life is to stay in a yurt at Graig Wen in the Snowdonia National Park. Forget cars and other conveyances and concentrate on a bike ride, as you can borrow bikes and cycle all around, feeling the magical green surroundings, birds flying and chirping, and watch fish swimming. An ideal site that has so many views and experiences to offer you that take you closer to nature.

Lake District – Boat Trip

From Glenridding to Pooley Bridge you can enjoy the very famous and breathtaking sail. The scenery around is simply mesmerizing, and the affordable sail makes one feel even more pleased. The onboard bar serves brandies to adults and hot chocolate to the children so that they withstand the cool lake breeze without any trouble. Once you reach the Pooley Bridge, shop, eat, enjoy and then sail back to the Glenridding while enjoying the natural beauty around.

Northumberland – Stargazing

You have a penchant for stargazing but you hardly get anytime to watch stars in peace, moreover, the light pollution in your city does not allow you to see a night sky full of stars, the do not wait and just visit the heart of Northumberland. Kielder Water & Forest Park there is one park that is especially preserved for stargazing and form there you can actually see a sky that seems to be out of this world with so full of twinkling stars.

Top spots for bird watching in UK

Bird watching is one hobby that attracts so many visitors every year to UK, as it consists of numerous bird watching destinations. Here are some of the most popular and best bird watching destinations in UK:

Gigrin Farm, Wales

You will get to see spectacular views from a bird watcher’s point of view in Gigrin Farm throughout the year, which is in contrast to many other destinations that offer bird watching only during particular months of a year. Red kites used to be one of the rare species in Wales but thanks to the reintroduction program today, Wales has many of them, especially the Gigrin Farm. You can see the owners feeding red kites every afternoon, and watching them do some acrobatic moves is astonishing.

Caerlaverock WWT Centre, Dumfries and Galloway

The best time to visit this bird watching location is from October to March. Thousands of ducks, swans, and geese visit this place during autumn from as far as Iceland. You can sit there and enjoy watching swans and ducks having their time and feeding their babies. Their presence makes the place so lively and natural.

Exe estuary, Devon

Best period to visit is from November to February and you must dress up warm it will be a winter visit to see the most beautiful birds in Britain. The Exe Estuary is a home to around 25,000 wintering birds that you can see enjoying their time. The ideal way to get close to all the birds is to take a boat trip and have a closer look at such a vast variety of birds.

With so many nature destinations, UK is popular among nature enthusiasts. It is an ideal location filled with a plethora of camping and trekking sites, bird watching sites, nature sports, and many other ways that help one get back to nature.

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