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Visit the Igloo village for the fun and novelty that it offers

Igloo village

Most of us often think about the life of Eskimos. It seems very interesting and exciting that how they live, what they eat, and how they manage their daily work in polar areas. Life as an Eskimo can be quite tough, living in a house made of ice is no easy job. Eskimos generally wear clothes made from animal’s skin and hair. They eat animals and fish that they find there. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort offers an opportunity to live the life of Eskimos.

What is igloo?

Igloo or Iglu is a house built out of snow. They are temporary winter houses made by Eskimos. They are also used as underground hunting homes to arrange food in winters. Eskimos keep these homes warm by attaching cloth and animal skin at the inner walls of igloo. It is an ingenious invention, which is very warm and helps people to stay warm in winters. It preserves the heat generated by the human body and helps them keep warm while doing their regular work. Building these houses is not hard as people can make it in couple of hours. A person requires special tools and a hard surface where they have to make this home. It does not require wood or any other material as it can be made from snow blocks.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort offers you an opportunity to live like Eskimos in houses covered with snow. It is known for its Igloo Village, which include unique Glass and Snow Igloos, and the largest Snow Restaurant in the world. It is located in Finland and renowned for various other tourist attractions.

Igloo village is a part of Kakslauttanen, a place where you can enjoy amazing holidays in the lap of snow. The resort offers its guests three types of accommodation. If you want an authentic arctic experience, then snow igloos are best for you. To take a traditional feel, you can go for traditional rustic log cabins. If you love light and want to spend your night under Northern lights then warm glass igloos are great option to choose.

The staff will provide you insulated sleeping bags, head covers, and socks as the region can get very cold. Five guests can be accommodated in a single igloo. The resort also offers free Wi-Fi connection. It is vital for people to carry warm clothes and snowshoes. It is a great place for adventure lovers and they must visit this place at least once.

Things to do in Igloo Village

The place is full of fun and adventures as you can enjoy your trip in multiples. You can have delicious food, can have great smoke bath, can enjoy ice fishing, and more.

Delicious cuisine

You can enjoy delicious cuisine and drinks in world’s largest snow restaurant. The restaurant can accommodate about 150 guests at the same time. You can enjoy different foods in the restaurant and world’s finest beverages.

Smoke Suna

After spending a wonderful night in igloo, you can enjoy the smoke sauna bath. It is the largest smoke sauna bath in the world. If you are brave enough then jumping into the river can be a great option to warm up.

Other activities

Other activities include ice fishing, winter golf, and snowshoeing. You can also enjoy the Northern lights or Aurora Borealis, which often depends on the magnetic activities, cloudiness of the sky, and position of the sun.


Igloo village is an amazing place to visit as it provides you an opportunity to live like Eskimos and experience different things.

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