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Get closer to nature through wildlife photography

wildlife photography

For many, photography is a hobby. Wildlife photography can be very rewarding, but it needs you to add some patience to your passion. You have to be willing to go that distance to capture the best picture. You have to be willing to wake up early and stay awake through the nights in wild to get the perfect click.

You have to have that creative knack and should know to use the camera to perfection with the different lenses if you want to be a good wildlife photographer. Wildlife photography is not a child’s play and one has to have that dedication to be an ace wildlife photographer.

Best places to get wild in nature (Nature and Wild photography)

Some of the best places for wildlife photography are as follows

  • New Guinea

It is one of the best flora and fauna. The people here have absolutely nothing to do with modernism and are still primitive

  • Arctic and Antarctica

If you love polar bears in white snow and walruses, then the Arctic is the place to be. Penguins and Antarctica go hand in hand.

  • Pantanal Brazil

An amazing place to capture in Amazon. It has some of the best animals and the birds are an absolute treat. One has to be there to experience the wilderness.

  • Britain

Britain has some of the best places for wildlife photography. The sea parrots of Northumberland. The otters in Scotland,the dolphins, the lovely insects in Cambridgeshire the Red deer in Scotland are absolutely amazing.

  • Patagonia

This place is between Chile and Argentina and has some of the best places to click. Especially the Torres Del Paine National Park is best for wildlife photographers.

  • Death Valley in the US

A hot and dry National part in the Southwest it has some good spots for wildlife photographers and therefore it should not be missed.

  • South Island New Zealand

This place has several National Parks and forest protected areas and hence a good place for photography.

Cautions you need to take while shooting wild in nature

Here are some of the safety tips that one needs to follow while shooting wild in nature:

  • Do some research

Before you set off in the wild do some research about the place that you are planning to visit. Check the weather conditions,the location and what to expect etc. Though you can never be really prepared but some knowledge about the place will help you be better equipped.

  • The packing

Once you know where you are heading make sure you pack all the basic items. Make sure you take a bag which is spacious and yet comfortable to carry. Make sure you carry all the gear and equipment that you will need at the place.

  • Your outfit

Make sure that you wear comfortable outfit and shoes so that you can access the most difficult places with ease.

  • Be sure about permissions and timings

Find out and take beforehand any permission that you may be requiring for shooting in that area. Also, check if there are any timing constraints and also check out the sunrise and sunset timings.

  • Know your camera

Practice well and be sure you know how to use the camera well. Also,don’t forget to carry a tripod as it will come handy.

Remember that you need to put in lots of efforts for wildlife photography. But when you capture those amazing pictures of the wild, you will realize that the time and efforts were worth it.

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