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Zeiss VR One

From Hot To Humble Current Champions Of The VR Race

The traditional user interface is the thing of the past. Virtual reality or VR is the in thing. VR puts ...

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Aquion Energy AHI Technology

Technological Innovations- a glimpse that the future is here

At the pace at which technology is building, it is hard to resist the many innovations that are introduced for ...

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Hexoskin shirt

High tech smart clothing can be a boost for your health and fitness

  Heard the term dress smartly? It’s actually turning literal now. The market of smart clothes and smart watches is ...

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Futuristic gadgets that are available NOW to make your life simpler

Everyday life becomes cooler when you get amazing gadgets for handling a variety of tasks. You just need to be ...

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Dot Braille Smartwatch

Some assistive technologies to empower people with disabilities

Technology has a great potential to contribute to every field of life. Even for people with disabilities, technology has played ...

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DJI Osmo (2)

DJI Osmo review: A stabilized ground camera that takes for the skies

The Chinese company DJI has just come up with its first stabilized ground camera called Osmo. If you do not ...

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future of Smartphone

Envisioning the future of Smartphones by the end of this decade

We are no future walkers but we love to imagine how things would be by the end of the decade. ...

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AI and computers

Google CEO Pichai reveals how AI and computers tie in to create a promising future

Artificial Intelligence has been creating both chaos and order as it rocks the world from one side to another. With ...

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Seaboard RISE

Best programmable instruments for music freaks

Technology is indeed changing the way everything looks. It is no surprise then that music instruments no longer are the ...

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Xtensor Hand Exerciser

Gadgets that motivate and let you perform better in office

Most of us don’t want to go to office regularly and slug it off at work. However, not everyone has ...

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Tango Super PC

Gaming accessories every gamer would love owning for sure

Gaming is an exciting and enthralling leeway for a large number of people. Those who have a very intense passion ...

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Dot Smart Watch

Innovative gadgets intended for differently abled people

In today’s day and age, when technology is available at your beck and call, life is easier for a differently-able ...

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