• Rimac-Automobili_Concept-One_51-537x357

    Rimac Concept-One is the world’s fastest electric supercar

    The future will definitely be interesting as Mate Rimac, the creator of the world’s fastest electric...

  • 155176210

    Meet Twittertape, the gadget that prints tweets

    A web developer has recently come up with an exclusive gadget that can help us take printed copies o...

  • 155785792

    Apple or Samsung – Who is the winner in the smartphone war

    Smartphones have truly revolutionized the mobile communication industry with their amazing features,...

  • 162337539

    Google plans to block ads from sites having pirated content

    In the latest effort to control online piracy, a new US scheme intends to ban all the Google ads con...

  • 119032857-001

    Apple to develop new projection technology for its devices soon

    In a recent development, Apple obtained the much awaited US patent which will allow the company to i...



New Philips DesignLine HDTV features innovative Single Glass Sheet

The viewing experience has just gotten better for users who dote on a luxurious amalgamation of advanced technology and remarkable ...

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Gadgets that’ll make you go ‘Oh-So-Cool’!

“Back to the Future” trilogy has presented the viewers with technologies that can make you go oh-so-cool! But if you ...

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War of Words: Is Apple too defensive?

Over the years, Apple has established itself as a technological giant, which thrives on the loyalty of its following. But ...

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Stylish and fun tech accessories 2013

People today love technology and technology too loves them back by making their life easy and convenient. Convenience is not ...

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Five of the best life changing technologies

Technological innovations are the spine of our civilization. Technology has helped in the development and progress of our present society. ...

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Five of the weirdest patents owned by Google

The system of patenting has both pros and cons. It is supposed to help inventors to protect their original ideas ...

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Five scary technologies that you should know about

Technology has the power of helping us and improving the quality of life but at the same time, it can ...

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Google considering using sound authentication as password

Google has made a permanent place among the tech giants or rather tech rulers due to their continuous attempts of ...

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How to increase your productivity using transcription software

Software helps us work faster and completes our tasks easily. Just like any other software, the transcription software also helps ...

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Facial Recognition – The future of payment technology

Are you tired of standing in queues to make payments for your utility, grocery, and all other bills? Just do ...

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Must have apps for 4G phones for the ultimate experience!

With the fourth-generation or 4G phones already hitting the markets, the demand for apps has been on the rise. 4G ...

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Google lets you choose how to create your digital will

Some of you might have worried about getting your property operated in a certain way after your death or after ...

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Destructive video game weapons that came into the real world

Researchers have proved that a 12 year old boy is not the only one who is crazy for video games ...

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The video game industry: the current analysis

Video game industry: what is it? The primary definition of video game industry would be a sector that is solely ...

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Risk taken by Nintendo with Super Wii U

With growth of technology, gaming has become easier and simple for the younger generation. Varieties of games are now available ...

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7 best video game consoles of all time

Whether it’s swollen with pride for inculcating breakthrough 3D phenomena, adopting beautifully slaughtered sleek enclosures, or perking up the embedded graphics, gaming consoles have indeed walked an extra mile for gaming aficionados out there. And pre

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Canon Rebel SL1: The smallest and lightest APS-C DSLR in the world

Canon has just announced the launch of the smallest and lightest DSLR camera in the world. Dubbed EOS Rebel SL1, ...

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Fisheye-Nikkor lens: The big beast of photography

Are you looking to give your photography a new dimension? However, you are not able to figure out how to do that with the conventional cameras available in the market. Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 fisheye lens is the ultimate photography tool you can think of to prov

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Best DSLR camera’s you can’t afford to miss

Photography still has a good hold over the technological segment, which allows us to capture the essence of moments we would never like to part with. Whether it is human expression, or the beauty of the landscape that surrounds us, it can all be captured

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Everything you need to know about Nikon D4 pro DSLR camera

If photography professionals or amateurs thought Canon’s 1D X equipment is the ultimate photographic equipment to have hands-on, then ‘change the way you think’ is probably what Nikon would say. After divulging certain significant details on their f

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Tips and Tricks


Three simple tricks to make old print survive longer

In this highly competitive era, when everything is going online, the publishing industry is facing serious troubles. However, there are ...

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3D printed skull could herald a revolution in printed implants

While 3D printing isn’t exactly in its infancy, it has been only recently that researchers and scientists have started looking ...

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Five things you will need to protect yourself from a zombie attack

The zombie apocalypse would be the last thing you would imagine to happen in reality. But there’s a possibility and ...

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Ten unique and wonderful gadget gift ideas

Planning to buy gifts for someone could be at times very confusing. This is because there are plenty of gifts ...

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