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When you have to take a flight, it is often difficult to decide what you have to carry-on and what you need to pack away with your checked baggage. But, the most complicated part is to ensure all the mobile […]

Rising high in the sky and flying like a bird in the sky. Oh, what a feeling! Going on a ballooning expedition is awesome. The lovely view that one can get is simply amazing and one just cannot miss it.

Hot air balloon ride

As kids, we all have been fond of fairy tales. When we talk of fairy tales the things that come to our mind are prince charming,princess,elves and many other things. One thing that you cannot miss out in a fairy

Windsor Castle

Some places are so beautiful that they need to be explored peacefully and at a leisurely pace. You just need to walk through them to actually understand their beauty and their exquisiteness. Whether it is a forest trail or a

Plitvice Lakes

When in Rome, do as Romans do. The ancient Romans visited were used to visit the Amphitheaters to watch public performances including blood curling gladiator fights and disconcerting public executions.


These tall structures were ambitioned to be the most attractive places in the city. Unfortunately, they were destined to be abandoned, some are not even completed until date.

The Ryugyong North Korea

As much as we would love to travel the world, most of us are bound by several constraints related to costs and travel companions. Some of us don’t have the money for the travel while others don’t prefer traveling alone


When the northern Hemisphere sits tight wrapped in the rugs during the sub zero temperatures of the winter months, far down south you have a reverse climatic condition. It is warm out there with plenty of sunshine around. The warm

winter blues

By the time, the taste and preferences of people are also changing. Some love traditional food and some love to try different cuisines. Every culture has different rules regarding food and drinks some religions and their values do not support

Best practices in extreme tourism
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