The tallest structures that stand gloomy and abandoned

The Ryugyong North Korea

These tall structures were ambitioned to be the most attractive places in the city. Unfortunately, they were destined to be abandoned, some are not even completed until date.

The Ryugyong, North Korea

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The project to build the tallest hotel in the world started with great enthusiasm in 1987.The project was aimed at attracting western investors and creating a name for North Korea. The building featured a unique design and included all the luxuries like nightclubs, fancy restaurants, casinos and more.

The project met with numerous issues and delays that it had to be abandoned finally. Despite of the set deadline until 1987, the project lingered until 1992 and was dropped eventually. The initial cost estimate of the hotel was $230 million, which increased to $750 million by the time the idea was dropped.

The Sterick Building, USA

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The building opened in 1930, was the most popular and tallest tower in Memphis, Tennessee until 1957. The building got its name in the National register of historic places in 1978, and was completely abandoned by 1986.The gothic style building stands 111 meter tall and was known as the “Queen of Memphis” in its hay days. The high-speed elevators of the building ferried about 2,000 people in a day. As there was a lot of activity in the tower once, it included several offices and shops including a bank.

Sathorn Unique, Thailand

Image Source : News.Com.Au

Dubbed as the “ghost towers,” the Sathorn Unique, is today inhabited by squatters, wild dogs and may be ‘ghosts’. Many of the locals believe that this 49-storey building in the vicinity of Chao Praya River is haunted and do not dare to enter it. The building was originally planned to be a luxurious office cum residential complex. The construction commencedin the early 90s and stopped in 1997 due to financial crisis in the country.

Book Tower, USA

Image Source :  Flickr │Gab482

The 36-storey tower adjoins a 13-storey building, was a flop experiment by architect Louis Kamper. Aimed to be the tallest building in Detroit, the building was opened in 1926. Just two years passed the opening the building lost its title of being the tallest in the city. The building was designed for the richest realtors in the city, the Book brothers and hence the name. The owners of the property filed bankruptcy in 2009 and the building is abandoned from 2010 onwards.

May be these structures are utilized in the future, but today they stand tall, gloomy and desperately in need of attention.

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