Air Travel tips:Getting hold of the best seat

You probably might have experienced discomfort in a particular seat in an air travel. It is obvious that not all seats are alike, it varies as per the design of the cabin. Here are some hacks to bag a better seat and make your journey more comfortable.

Take a sneak peek

Knowing the seating arrangement before you buy your tickets is a good idea. Two very popular websites, and can help you here. You can view a layout plan of the seats inside a huge number of aircrafts. Information like whether a seat is close to the galley or lavatory can be seen. It is evident from the plan, the legroom available in each seat. You can view the information as per the aircraft type and/or the airline. That makes it easy to size down the options.

Planning early will help

Getting a preferred seat is much easier if you plan your trip early. All airlines start the booking of their seats, several months in advance. Booking early, means a cheaper ticket. We don’t need to suggest you, what to do with the money you save. There would be a situation that the seat you prefer is unavailable several months in advance. Move on to your second preference or the following one in case of unavailability. In case of cancellation, you might get the one you selected earlier.

Be notified

Along with checking for seats available, sign up for alerts that would make you aware about the availability of preferred seats. You can make a free account on, whenever there are seats available along the window or aisle you would be alerted by email. The service can be topped up by paying a small fee, so that you would be alerted about a preferred seat. The service is available majorly for large carriers, for smaller airlines you would need to check on line.

Reconfirm your seat

As the saying goes, ‘It is wise to revise’, just cross check the seat you booked a couple of days before the flight. Several times, it has happened that the carrier changed the plane,maybe it was unfit for flying or required some maintenance. You would be re-assigned a seat, which might not be the one you prefer. If you know of such a situation, you can reselect a seat.

Try to bag a better seat using the hacks given here and make your trip more comfortable. Some people are smarter than the others, be smart and travel with ease.

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