My Family trip to Fariyas Resort Lonavla – Review by Dr Prem

Little did I realize last summer when I packed my luggage and headed for Lonavla along with my family to escape the 40 degree scorcher of Mumbai that a perfect paradise with a cool and cozy ambience awaited us perched 1500 meters above sea level.Yes, the Fariyas resort in Lonavla is a great combination of all the best of luxury,comfort, hospitality and fun holiday a family resort can possibly offer at a fair price.

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Initially, we had booked a family room, but somehow the hotel authority could read our psyche and upon arrival we were flooded with joy to learn that staffs have relocated us to a better room, whichhad beautiful balcony and a far better valley view vantage position. The hospitality at the reception desk was commendable. The staffs were warm in their approach and well spoken. They assured us complete relaxation and also ensured we need not bother about check in and out time as they were relaxed for us considering my family and kids.

We were escorted to the room with a VIP treatment, and soon the welcome drinks were offered to us that pumped the adrenaline high amid low mercury level of high altitude.

Wild waters, the little, cozy water park of the resort is the quality of entertainment for the kids, Lots of sun shine and a clear sky had made our water park side exposure all the more wonderful when we spent long leisurely hours. Exciting water rides and a sunken bar consumed most of our time in the resort stay.

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The kids found it very rejuvenating trying the water rides with nonstop euphoria of explosive fun. We had to literally drag them out of the rides warning them they might catch a fever from the continuous drench. A staff watching us ensured not to worry much. Let the kids have their day as they are always at our service to help us at the slightest hint of any trouble apprehended.

There is a specific point I would like to emphasize that the staffs were immensely caring and they almost pampered our kids to the brim of unrestricted freedom. Yet they had their watchful eyes that the kids do not meet with any unfortunate accidents.
Practically, the kids had a ball overhearing what the staff had said, and we did not interfere in the ocean of mirth they were submerged neck deep having fun and frolic in feverish bouts of adventure. I realized these kinds of exposure would make their back bone strong. The character building starts right here,’ try it out for yourself, your learning dexterity would rise!’

The food court of the resort was a different affair altogether. It was a feast of a mix of lip-smacking flavored gourmet delights both continental and Indian where dining etiquette and tranquility rules. The grade of food was extremely good and was served piping hot and fresh.Indian and continental concepts ruled the breakfast table as well. They were delicious and filling.

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Both the indoor and outdoor swimming pools stole the show as did the timber work exquisitely done on the structure.The windows of the suite offered a breath taking a rear view of the lush wooded valley that was laid outstretched so far as our range of vision would allow. Literally, it was a feast to the eyes adding more to our gratifying experience in this resort.

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