Beautiful castles that will take you into the world of fairy tales

As kids, we all have been fond of fairy tales. When we talk of fairy tales the things that come to our mind are prince charming,princess,elves and many other things. One thing that you cannot miss out in a fairy tale are the beautiful and palatial castles which you might feel are too good to be true. But you will be surprised to know that there are actually some castles that are absolutely stunning and are fit to be part of a fairy tale.

  1. The lovely castles of England

Built to protect the Southern coast of England from French invasion this castle is squarish in shape and absolutely beautiful. It has circular towers at each corner and a central courtyard. The architecture is striking.The exterior of the castle is better maintained as compared to the interiors. The interiors are roughly in relics. One more castle of England is the Windsor castle which is the residence of the royal family and is located in Berkshire.It has survived the Civil war. It largely consists of the lower,middle and the upper ward. This castle is the most populous castle in the world. It is a major tourist attraction.

  1. The nightmarish castle of Romania

Image Source : Uncover-Romania.Com

The eerie side to a fairytale is a nightmare and most of the time Dracula is responsible for it. The Bran Castle in Romania will take you into the world of Draculas and vampires. It is located on a hilltop. It has those typical rooms and passageways which will give you goose bumps. This castle is not for the weak hearted. It is believed that the evil Vlad III was imprisoned here.It is a popular tourist destination and sees millions of tourists visiting it every year. The owners of the castle market it as the Castle or House of Dracula.

  1. The Portuguese and Russian Castles

There are castles in Portugal and Russia which too seem to be straight out of fairy tale book. The Penna Palace in Sintra in Portugal is a huge palace with a very interesting history.The castle is known for its vibrant colors and its terraces. From the terrace one can see the clock tower and the sundial. The entrance to the Queen’s terrace is simply amazing and the walk through the terrace is simply marvelous. The Swallow’s nest is a beautiful castle in Gaspra. It is a famous tourist destination in Crimea. The castle has been used in several Russian films. It is truly a beautiful castle.

  1. A romantic structure on volcanic origins

Image Source : Anerleybc.Org

Saint Michaels Mount is built on volcanic origins. This is a tidal island in Mount’s Bay in Cornwall. It has a church and a castle and it is a key tourist magnetism. The abbey is worth a look. The surrounding blue waters and the causeway made up of stone which one can see during low tide is truly amazing. The church, the library, the drawing room are truly elegant.

  1. The Hohenzollern Castle of Germany

Image Source : Images.NationalGeographic.Com

A popular tourist destination whose origins go back to the 11th century. It has been rebuilt several times and is home to some of the most beautiful artefacts and showpieces. It is a privately owned castle. Two-thirds belong to the Prince of Prussia. It is also used as a summer camp for the destitute kids from Germany. It has millions of tourists visiting it every year.

These beautiful castles can take you into a world of fairy tales. Their history, location and the beauty of these castles will leave you spellbound.

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