The world’s most beautiful train rides that are a treat

When one talks about travel and journey one can surely not miss out on the memorable train journeys. Watching the trees and mountains run from the window of the train is a lovely experience and an excellent time pass for children. Not only is train journey comfortable in some cases even beautiful and a treat for the eyes. Here are some of the most beautiful train rides that one must check out at least once in a lifetime.

  1. Explore the forests of Peru through Hiram Bingham

Image Source : PeruVacationTours.Com

One of the most elegant and classy ways to explore the forests of Peru is by travelling through the Deluxe train Hiram Bingham. This is a luxury train by Orient Express which takes your from Cusco to Machu Pichhu. This train has the best accommodation and dining facilities. It takes the travellers through the ancient town of Machu Pichhu. The lovely landscape that one gets to see from the train is simply amazing.

  1. Enjoy child like happiness through the toy train and the lavishness of the most expensive train in India

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If you wish to see a steam locomotive then you have to check out this cute toy train. It is a British B Class steam locomotive and this train comes under the vintage category. The route is 78 kms and the train climbs upto an amazing height of 7,200 ft. The beautiful journey through the Himalayas and the fact that such an old locomotive still has this outstanding efficiency leaves one speechless. The 8-hour ride will stay in your memories for a lifetime.The Darjeeling Himalaya Toy train runs between Siliguri and Darjeeling.

One more train experience worth trying in India is by travelling through the Maharaja Express. This is one of the most expensive train journeys in the world.It gives one of the most lavish travel experiences and makes you feel truly like a King. With just 88 passengers the train takes you through Agra and the beautiful Rajasthan.

  1. Try out the Rocky Mountaineer experience

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This train passes through the Canadian Rockies. It covers the distance between Vancouver and Calgary.It is a two-day ride but one which is worth it. The experience of passing through the Snow capped peaks of Coast Mountain is splendid. Watching the lovely Fraser River and the lovely Banff National Park is a marvellous experience which one just cannot miss out. Explore North American mountains in this train journey. The food, snacks and cocktails are also good and appetising.

  1. Panoramic view through the Grand Canyon Railways in Arizona

Image Source : Memberize.Com

The most important thing about this train is that it is a vintage train.The train was started way back in 1901.The cafe is of the year 1952 and the first class coaches are of 1950s and so on. The lovely view as the train travels through a distance of 130 miles through the Arizona desert from Williams in Arizona to South Rim is a memorable one. The time taken by the train one way is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

  1. Take a long train ride through Ghan

Image Source : I.DailyMail.Co.Uk

What better way to travel between Adelaide to Darwin in Australia than by the lovely Ghan. The journey is pretty long and lasts for three days and two nights. It covers a distance of 1,845 miles. It takes you through Adelaide,Flinders Ranges and Red Centre. The train has two halts of 4 hours each in Alice Springs and Katherine. Travellers can take the advantage of sightseeing in these areas during the halt.

These are some of the remarkable and incredible train journeys that one must try out in their lives. Travelling by these trains is an experience which will remain in your memory for a lifetime. So if you are lucky enough to hitch a ride on these trains then don’t miss it because it is definitely worth it.

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