Picturesque old towns unveiling the past glory for travellers

ancient architecture

Old is indeed gold and if you are the one who finds history and old architecture and many other things worth spending time with, here are some beautiful spots that deserve your attention.

  1. The city of Medieval Architecture-Prague

This is an amazing place. It has several wonderful pieces of medievalarchitecture, which are simply amazing. One must visit the 14th century Charles Bridge and check out the beauty of the outstanding architecture of Prague Castle and the lovely churches.

The 11th century Powder gate is spectacular. This gate leads one to the old town of Prague. One must check out the lovely astronomical clock that is one of the best parts of the city from past 600 years. This clock, which was installed in the year 1410, is the third oldest clock in the world and in fact the oldest operational one.

  1. The lovely towns of Croatia

Croatia has several places, which have some amazing spots that attract tourists every year.Wildlife, historic sites, and lovely scenery are the best parts of the Krka National Park thatare located along the Krka River. The capital of Croatia Zagreb has several old churches,towers and streets that tourists must check out.Korcula, which is the birthplace of Marco Polo, is also a historic town with lovely architecture.

There are several other towns like Pula,Rovinj,Zadar, etc thatoffer beautiful structures which display modern architecture,Roman ruins,old churches etc.Tourists who love visiting places of historic interest and old architecture, must visit the beautiful towns of Croatia.

  1. The top three underestimated yet lovely cities in Europe

Europe has several places of historic interest.However, there are a few cities, which have not received their due importance despite the fact that they are very beautiful. One such city is Budapest in Hungary that has buildings with lovely Neo-Gothic architecture and the historic river Danube.

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark has the lovely 18th century Rococo Frederiksstaden and the Parliament building and the Renaissance Rosenborg Castle which has a beautiful museum and a garden. There are also several lovely beaches that surround the city. In Gothenburg in Sweden, you will get to see Scandinavian architecture and lovely museums.

  1. Visit the Spanish city-Oviedo and the French city-Carcassonne

The medieval citadel, which was reconstructed in the 19th century, is one of the major tourists’ attractions in Carcassonne in France. This is considered to be one of the best Medieval city.It is known for its pleasant climate throughout the year and is a very popular tourist destination. Oviedo in Spain was founded back in the 8th century.

One can see several churches, buildings, monasteries of medieval times. Several concerts and festivals also take place in this city and these places too attract several tourists every year.

  1. The beautiful old cities in China

The old city of Shanghai in China has several buildings with traditional architecture. It is also known for the lovely temples and gardens and of course delicious food. Pingyao is a 14th-century city of China where one can find several historic sites of Ming and Qing era. It has several ancient walls and is a world heritage site.

People who love old architecture and simply love old styles buildings and churches and much more should make it a point to visit these old towns which are truly picturesque. They have the best architecture and will take you back in time.

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