The attractions that should be in your travel itinerary this year

You think you are a globetrotter, have visited many places across the world and feel there are no new and better options for you, then hang on. There are plenty of options and new tourist attractions that you can visit in 2016. Here are a few such options, which are unique and beautiful, and you just cannot afford to miss them.

  1. The Mystical Arctic

This is surely becoming one of the hotspots for tourists these days. Iceland,Norway and Greenland are filled with natural beauty. You have to see it to believe just how splendid is the celestial spectacular of Northern lights.

The polar bears,seals,bowhead and beluga whales are simply superb. For those who enjoy adventure try out skiing, dogsledding etc. This place also has song,food and dance festivals, which tourists enjoy. The adventure ice cave “Into the Glacier” is amazing and tourists simply love it.

  1. Visit USA once again just for Harry and Space Shuttle

Even if you have visited Hollywood before and are a huge fan of Harry Potter, then there is a reason why you should have it on your list this year. In April 2016, Universal Hollywood Studios will be opening to the public the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. This is your chance to visit the Hogwart’s castle and be a part of the Harry’s mysterious world with the magical 3 D ride into the world of Harry Potter and his friends.

There are several other amusement rides in the offering which are simply irresistible.One must also not miss out on visiting the Houston Space Centre in USA where they will be displaying to the public space shuttle replica called “Independence” and they will also display the first Shuttle Carrier Aircraft NASA 905.

  1. Zurich has the best place for football fans

No points for guessing the most famous sport in the world, it is certainly football (soccer). If you are an avid football fan then you must visit the new museum called FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich in Switzerland. It is scheduled to be opened to the public this year.

Fans get to know the history of the game and there is a hall of fame and movie, which should not be missed. There is also a huge collection of books on football. One can also enjoy playing on the giant football pinball machine and yes right there in the basement is the best part of the Museum and that it the World Cup Trophy.

  1. Experience the magic of Dubai

Dubai has a vision of attracting 20 million tourists by 2020 and hence is doing its best to attract tourist this year as well with some awesome projects. The Dubai Safari that will have more than 1000 species of animals of which many are rare and endangered ones is programmed to reach completion this year and will be a major tourist attraction. It will also have a huge garden with several different types of more than 100 plants and more than 2000 trees.

Then there will be the IMG Worlds of Adventure that is the right place for shopping and adventure. Then there is also the Dubai Parks and resorts which is three theme parks and a water park and yes then there will be  the Dubai Frame which will have the lovely views of old Dubai on one side and the huge landmarks of modern Dubai on the other side.

There are several places which are surely going to be some of the best that tourists need to visit in 2016. It is surely going to be one of the best years for tourists with so many new places to visit.

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