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Unique walking paths that just mesmerize the wandering souls

Plitvice Lakes

Some places are so beautiful that they need to be explored peacefully and at a leisurely pace. You just need to walk through them to actually understand their beauty and their exquisiteness. Whether it is a forest trail or a path close to the river, some of the spots are known for their uniqueness across the world. Here are a few such unique walking paths in the World, which are simply magnificent and beautiful.

  1. Check out Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

This UNESCO world heritage siteis a lovely forest with beautiful waterfalls and 16 radiant and glowing lakes.One can spend close to 5 hours walking on the wooden boardwalks. The amazing woods, which are covered with dense beech and fir, the wonderful upper and lower lakes, are simply outstanding. The Veliki Waterfall in the lower lakes region is the best. The waterfalls from around 230 feet and it look absolutely wonderful.

  1. The Great Wall of China

Image Source : ReadForNews.Com

This is about a one day trip can be accessed from Beijing.One can walk through the Badalingportion, which has museums and shops and all basic facilities. Some of the portions are inramshackles with no facilities. One must try out the path between JJinshanling and Simatai. Though one may literally have to scramble through this path but when you get to see the lovely hills,valleys and forests you realize that it was indeed worth the efforts that were put in.

  1. Experience the amazing beauty of Kosciuszko National Park

This highly popular walk in Australia takes you to its metaphorical rooftop.The Rocky granite, the Ramshead range,the alpine wildflowers are simply amazing.This walkway passes through the Snowy River and then climbs above Cootapatamba,then goes through the Rawson pass and then slowly climbs through Mount Kosciuszko, which is at a height of 2228 meters. The beautiful view will leave you awestruck. You can then return along the track of Thredbo.

  1. You have to try out Cappadocia in Turkey

Image Source : Images.NationalGeographic.Com

This land of fairy chimneys is outstanding and lovely.Cappadocia, which is located in Central Turkey, has some of the best natural sites. This place is famous for the fairy chimneys. These are conical shaped rock formations. These are mainly found in places like the Monks Valley. This place is UNESCO world heritage site.

The lovely rocky landscape is splendid and there are several caves created by human beings, which are equally wonderful. The earlier eruptions from the volcano solidified into soft rock and then the action of natural forces like wind and water brought about erosion and left behind some of the most beautiful carvings in different forms like pillars,chimneys,mushrooms, etc which makes it look like a fairyland. This surely is one of the best paths that a tourist must traverse.

  1. The beautiful Madeira in Portugal

This beautiful island of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean is at the top of a huge shield volcano. This place is best for some adventure road trips. The lovely views from the cliff and the underground channels due to volcanic eruptions are nice. The place has several irrigation channels, which are also known as levadas, and bordering them are narrow walking paths.

There are several levadas that pass through the native forest. The walk from the Ribeiro Frio to the lovely peaks and valleys is outstanding. A four-hour walk, which takes walkers through wild orchids and lilies and ends at Portello is for the adventurous types.

These places have some of the unique walking paths in the world. If you do get a chance to visit these places you are sure to have one of the best experiences in your life which will remain in your memories forever.

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