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Beautiful hiking spots too good to resist for photography lovers

Beautiful hiking spots too good to resist for photography lovers

If you have always been passionate about photography and particularly of breath-takinglocales, you cannot miss out on hiking spots. Yes, some of the hiking spots across the world have the most astounding and incredible views which are worth capturing in your eyes and on your camera lens. Here are a few such hiking spots, which photography lovers just cannot afford to miss.

  1. Out of the world experience on the Tongariro Northern Circuit in New Zealand

tongariro Northern Circuit in New Zealand

The mere mention of New Zealand will bring to your mind breath taking and perfect locations. Located in New Zealand is the Tongariro Northern Circuit,which is a paradise for hikers. It is one of the best hiking spots when it comes to clicking photographs.

It gives an out of this world or rather out of this universe experience when you see the mind blowing desert and volcanic locales. The panoramic view deserves to be captured on the camera. The active volcano Mt. Ngaurube and the boiling mud pools and lava and craters are simply marvellous.

  1. Track the Kalalau Trail in Hawaii

Track the Kalalau Trail in Hawaii

This place is not just a paradise for hikers but also for photographers.The blue waters of the Pacific Ocean brushing on the cliffs, the amazing waterfalls and the lush green valleys, which look like a sheet of velvet spread across acres of land, is just too good to be missed. This trail is 4000 feet above sea level and the trail which is 11 miles long has five major valleys and of course several smaller valleys.

  1. Exploring the Andes in South America

Exploring the Andes in South America

This lovely track is highly complex and is known for several picturesque locations. The wonderful natural beauty in the backdrop and the complex yet unique trail for hiking deserves to be clicked on your camera. The hiking track takes one to the ancient cities of Machu Picchu, which is worth exploring and clicking.

  1. Check out the Spanish El Caminito del Rey El Chorro

Spanish El Caminito del Rey El Chorro

For all those dare devil photographers who love adventure along with photography they surely cannot miss out on world’s most dangerous yet very beautiful track in Spain. It has some of the most outstanding views. The steep rocky range is very dangerous but incredibly beautiful. If you are that daredevil lensman who does not mind taking risks to get the best click then this is one place, which you must check out.

  1. Just can’t miss out on the Swiss Alps and the Himalayas in Nepal


When one is talking about some of the most beautiful treks for hiking that are irresistible for photographers, the Swiss Alps and the Himalayas do deserve mention.The highest peak of Swiss Alps in Europe is Mont Blanc, which spreads across Switzerland, Italy and France. There are several other treks as well in the Alps and the lovely views are surely worth a click.

You just cannot miss out on the Himalayas too when you are talking about amazing treks for hiking and photography. The highly challenging treks on the Himalayapresent rugged views that are amazingly lovely and outstanding. The place is filled with some of the most exotic locations, which are simply irresistible.

All those photographers who will settle for nothing but the best locations for capturing on their lens they have to take into consideration these lovely hiking tracks that are synonymous with fun, adventure and beauty. Capture these lovely panoramic views on your lens, which are a virtual treat for the eyes.

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