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Simple tips to hang a window scarf

modern-curtains Anyone who has tried to hang a window scarf knows how frustrating is to control the fabrics and the same time draping the swags. You should then consider the following tips:

  • Begin by finding the right fabric, it should be soft and have a flowing drape. It could either be silk, satin, sheer or even a lightweight chenille.
  • Ensure to find the right size of the scarf. It should not be so long that it ends up looking sloppy; neither should it be short to look skimpy.
  • Finally, remember to use a fabric covered foam rod. It simplifies and makes beautiful swags. The foam rods allow one to control the shape and size of the swags by pinning the fabric to it and securing each fold. 
0002992729706_500X500 There are many methods to drape a scarf round the curtains. You should consider either of the following: Start by gathering the curtain into a skinny strip. Stretch it out and fold it in half-length wise. In the next step, ensure that you take the very middle of the fold and put it over the rod from the back. Then pull it a little way over. Take each of the long sides and place them on the rod, from the front. You should then tug the long pieces to get the centre to the level that you want. Use the edges of the centre to cover the ends of the rod, shape them the way you want. Ensure to pull the centre down, so that it hangs lower that the edges but the top stays over the rod. window-scarf-ideas-e1295406087398 If the above does not work for you, consider taking the following steps: Start by preparing the window for the valance: Be sure to choose a decorative scarf hooks that will hold onto scarf valance. Use a drill to install the scarf hooks above the window frame Prepare to swag the valance: Lay the scarf on a large table or floor with the backside facing the ceiling. Stretch the valance lengthwise in front of you and fold it according to your style. $T2eC16F,!ysE9sy0gCPSBRQeWcsefQ~~60_3 Measure the height of the windows: Measure the length from the swag hook up to the point you would wish the valance to reach. Most times, this is just above the windowsill. Use a decorative drapery cord to tie a loose knot around each measured spot on the valance. Hang the valance: Take the scarf valance and let the backside face the window. Place the knots tied with the decorative drapery onto the valance hooks. The scarf will then swag according to its length. Summary:  If these methods to hang a window scarf seem to be very difficult or frustrating, you should consider contacting an interior designer. They can offer much help when it comes to draping to scarves, their color, material and length.]]>


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