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Home decoration ideas for open space living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens

Nowadays, more homes are being constructed with open living and dining rooms, and kitchens. Most families prefer what is called the ‘great room’ in order to keep an eye on each other at regular intervals. However, decorating an open space so that each room in it maintains its individuality while blending in seamlessly with the other rooms, could pose a challenge for home owners. Nevertheless, here are some simple home decorating tips that would make these open spaces look great, and the rooms in them, creative and connected.


Choose Common Color Schemes

An excellent way to make the rooms stand out and still connect with each other is to paint them in different colors and have one common color between them. For instance, you can opt for shades of cream, brown and green in all the rooms, and substitute other colors with slight variants. Also make it a point to follow the same style in all three rooms, as different styles would tend to make the rooms stand out awkwardly.

Arrange Furniture Appropriately

The individual spaces in a great room can be clearly defined by arranging the furniture pieces accordingly. For instance, sectionals and sofas can be placed in such a way that they create a definite division between the living room and kitchen/dining room. Area rugs can also create a visual separation between the rooms that share the open space. Make sure you opt for pieces that complement each other. As such, you can opt for neutral furniture for all the rooms.


Arrange Lighting Properly

Follow a unified lighting pattern throughout the open space, making sure you use the same style of lighting in the focal areas. Choosing one bright light fixture for one specific area in each room and then complement them with smaller, recessed lights that can be fixed above walkways to define these areas. This way, you can make the overall space look cohesive instead of disjointed.

Choose Similar Window Treatments

Choosing similar window treatments for the individual rooms in an open space would make them connect with each other. If you prefer to go with different colored curtains in each room, then opt for similar colored blinds and shades instead to create a sense of continuity while maintaining individuality.

Choose Wall Décor in accordance with central color

As mentioned earlier, if you choose to paint the rooms of an open space in different colors and yet, opt for a single, central shade, then choose wall décor that corresponds with the shade. You should do so in order to make sure that the wall décor you choose relates to that specific space, and blends in with the décor of the other rooms as well. For instance, if you choose lime green as the central color for all the rooms, the wall décor you choose needs to be in shades of green.


An open space does not necessarily need to pose constraints for home owners wishing to decorate their homes. By making use of these open space decorating tips, one can ensure that his/her home looks attractive, comfortable and inviting.


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