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‘Green’ heart garland craft for Valentine’s

This Valentine’s Day, teach your kids to make ‘Eco-friendly’ heart garland formed by using recycled material. This craft activity creates a sustainable awareness among children. When your chain of heart garland is ready, use it as a decoration in the house for Valentine’s party. (Courtesy: Martha Stewart)

Difficulty level


Time required

1 hour

Resources required

  1. Construction paper or card stock

  2. Heart template which you can download from internet or you can simply draw a heart shaped template yourself

  3. Glue stick

  4. Stapler

  5. Scissors


  1. Take heart shaped template, place it on top of 4 stacks of card stock or construction paper and staple in the center of the heart.

  2. Once you have the center of the heart stapled into the card stock, cut out outlines of heart shape.

  3. Make a 1 inch vertical cut on the pointed end of the heart, and cut the heart all the way around inside with about 1 inch wide cut.

  4. From the center of the heart, make two 1/2 inch horizontal cuts.

  5. Repeat the process to draw more hearts.

  6. From the pointed cuts, link two hearts together.

  7. Glue these ends together and trim the cut ends to create a pointed edge.

  8. Repeat the process until you have linked up all the hearts together.

Quick tips

  1. Allow the children to create the pattern of the hearts according to what they feel inspired by. This will bring out a more homely touch to the hearts.

  2. You can have the children decorate and embellish one heart each, to bring out their personality and creative styles.

  3. You can make a long garland for the hallway or a part of the living room wall for which you can measure the length.

  4. This garland can be folded and stored away for future use.

Things to watch out for

  1. When it comes to young children, cut out the hearts for them and let them do the decorating part. Sharp scissors can be quite dangerous for little children.

  2. Use only safe glue, free from toxic chemicals.

  3. Arrange a large table where everyone can accommodate and sit comfortably.

  4. When your craft is done and the decoration put up, your children will have a fulfilled sense of spending the best hours, creating something unique towards a good purpose. This is an ideal way of letting your children understand the value of recycling and being Eco-friendly.

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