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Nine cool and hygienic gadgets for germaphobes

Gadgets for Germaphobes

The outbreak of Swine Flu (H1N1) made all of us more mindful of germs. Many of us will think that only the public transportation, door handles, washrooms can harbor bacteria, but it can be our electronics too. Your mobile phone can collect all sorts of germs when you put it on the table of your office cafeteria and the cover of your mobile, the germs are also hiding in those curves of leather.

If after reading the above paragraph, you think that germs already affect you, do not fear because no one can lead a germ free life. There are more than 500 species of bacteria, many of them are vital for our own survival, and the leftover are harmful. There are many ways to stop the spreading of germs into your electronics and house. Read on to discover some of the best gadgets that will help you in doing that.

1. Germ-free Thermometer


The affordable and revolutionary 5-in-1 contact thermometer provides a safe, quick, and easy temperature measurement to the modern day consumers and health care workers around the globe. It is accurate as if any other trusted thermometer, easy-to-use, and can give an instant touch-free temperature reading. This completely hygienic thermometer has also a backlit display that helps you to measure the temperature without turning the light on, in turn without disturbing the patient.

2. Bacteria-less Samsung NC10 La Fleur

Samsung NC10

The woman mini notebook has beautiful ornaments on white or glossy black body colors. The combination of beautiful colors and feminine look makes it a mobile assistant as well as an attractive accessory. The notebook features a 10.2-inch WSVGA display with a resolution of 1024×600, 160 GB HDD, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, Wireless, VGA, Headphone and microphone output, 10/1000 Ethernet LAN, and a 6-cell battery. It is powered by Intel Atom and works with Windows XP. Now comes the most interesting part-it has a special coating of silver ions on the keyboard that prevents the reproduction of bacteria. Overall, this is a safe and hygienic gadget for you.

3. Wig purifier

Wig purifier

The wig purifier, OzoneClean uses the highest, but safe level of Ozone. Put your wig for 10 minutes inside the purifier and it will remove all the germs and odor that tend to get inside after daily use. This $367 device sterilizes and deodorizes your hairpiece inside an airtight tube without altering their style. Each Wig Purifier is handcrafted and takes around 22 days to make a innovative, luxurious and functional piece of art and technology.

4. Liamo self heating baby bottle


A creative design by Karim Rashid, this baby bottle features a brilliant and unique self-heating mechanism. The bottle includes a disposable cartridge that is capable of heating the milk up to 37 degree within four minutes. Every cartridge that cannot be reused contains salt and water, that when mixed together with flick of a switch supplies enough energy to heat the 180ml bottle. Both salt and water are natural materials, so you do not have to think about the hygiene and safety of your kids.

5. Washup


This gadget combines the function of both flush toilet and washing machine. Washing machine uses liters of water that is used for nothing and directly wasted. Using this machine, you will use that water to flush your toilet and prevent the wastage of water. The water from the washing machine is reused and flushes the toilet whenever needed. This innovative technology can further used more than flushing the toilet.

6. Biopod by Jonathan Fenton


The Biopod designed by Jonathon Fenton is an airtight kitchen storage that utilizes vacuum ionization to slow down the process of decomposition before it is decomposed. It creates a hygienic bacteria and odor free environment to recycle the organic waste without throwing it on a daily basis. Once you place the food inside and close the lid, the ionizing air is activated circulates inside the vessel, kill the germs and other pathogens.

An LED is present on the vessel that indicates the status of the waste inside. The LED also acts as a reminder that shows when you should empty the pod. The body is made from dishwasher safe HDPE and the thermal insulated body and removable liner are made from Polycarbonate ABS Blend (PC-ABS).

7. UV Germ Eliminating Wand

UV Wand

To have a germ free house, kill all those germs that are hiding in places where chemical disinfectants cannot reach. The germ eliminating UV wand gains best rating because it can kill 99.99 percent and has the highest covering areas than any other model. Most exciting part is-it kills all the germs within 20 seconds using the UV light, whether they are hiding in bathrooms, beddings, or kitchen corners without using toxic chemicals, or producing ozone. The unit measures 8 ¾ inches and ensures faster cleaning of any kind of surface.

8. The VIOlight UV light sanitizer

The VIOlight UV light sanitizer

You will never know that there are germs hiding in your mobile that can make you sick. However, if you will use a germ killer on your mobile than you break the possibilities. The VIO can be the perfect device for the users concerned about the germs that are present on their mobile. It can kill the germs on your iPhone or any other Smartphone and has the space for other accessories like the Bluetooth headsets and many more. It eliminates around 99.99 percent of the germs including the e. coli and H1N1 using the ultraviolet lights.

9. Electronic Meat Sniffer


The gadget helps you to decide whatever going through your mouth is safe for you or not. With a push of button, you will know whether the meat is fresh(green light), must be used soon (yellow) or nasty (red).

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