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List of Upcoming Events in Travel Industry.

Career as a travel reporter is no easy job

How many of us have dreamed about traveling the world and at the same time earning money? Being a travel writer is the dream job of may be more than half the world population. But as any other profession, being a freelance travel writer has its perks, but also there are some disadvantages. Here, we will consider some of them ...

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LUX Maldives presenting underwater festival

Maldives is a popular travel destination and is a haven for those who love the vast expanse of Blue Ocean and white sandy beaches. Maldives offers a rejuvenating break to people who want to break away from their boring and monotonous routine. The tropical holiday spot has various events and programs that are organised for the travellers every year to ...

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Mardi Gras, new Orleans, USA

Event name: Mardi Gras Event date: March 4th 2014 Event location: New Orleans, USA Have you heard about the Mardi gras annual carnival celebration in New Orleans, Louisiana of United States? It is a variation of the traditional manner of preparing for the start of the catholic season. New Orleans mardi gras is a season of parades, king cake parties ...

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Venice Carnival 2014, Venice Italy

  Event name: Venice carnival Event date: 15 February to 4 March 2014 Event location: Venice, Italy The Venice Carnival is an annual festival which takes place in Venice, Italy. It is the carnival of fantasy and nature. The fairy tales and nature describes the festive expression of themes linked to the relationship between humankind and environment. Venice is a ...

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Hong kong arts festival, Hong Kong

Event name: Hong Kong arts festival Event date: 18 February 2014 to 22 March 2014 Event Location: Various places in Hong kong Hong kong arts festival is the annual series of cultural programs held in Hong Kong. Many people from all over the world will participate in the event. Hong Kong arts festival is the most focusing event in the ...

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